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Summer officially started 17 days ago and 15 of them have been rainy ones here in NW Ohio. Our grass has never looked greener and our garden is flourishing however the kiddos are a tad disappointed at the lack of pool days. I am not sure when all this rain is going to let up. I decided that I need to do something. My first thought was build an Ark but that seemed too tedious a task. My second was to collate fun rainy day activities to do with kiddos. Here’s hoping my focus is on the right thought, lol!



1. Make a Fort- grab a few sheets, blankets, and chairs and make a fort.

day5 008

2. Basketball Indoors- can’t play outdoors then bring the game in. Grab the basketball hoop, ball, clear out any breakables, and game on!

day5 036

3. Host a Movie Play date- call up some friends, put together a concession stand, and enjoy a matinée!

The Concession Stand

The Concession Stand

OralBStages 011

4. Dance Party- have your kiddos dress up as princesses, superhero, etc. put on some music, and get your groove on! An impromptu hokey-pokey and the chicken dance is guaranteed to add to the fun!

alisonb-day 017

alisonb-day 013

5. Make edible peanut butter play dough

tailgatekashi 031

6. Indoor Water play- put down some towels, grab a few tubs, fill with water (only as much as you are comfortable with mopping up), add fun water toys. Don’t have fun water toys? Use kitchen measuring cups, funnel, turkey baster, rubber spatulas, etc.

funday 050

7. Tactile Tubs- put down a tarp or shower curtain, grab some tubs, fill tubs with dry rice and/or oats, and hide treasures for kiddos to find.

2ndbday 115

9. Play in the rain-let the kiddos jump in puddles, and play outside in the rain…it will be a memory they will treasure. Do make certain there is no lightning before letting kiddos go outside.

icecream_social 016

icecream_social 018

10.Make bathtub paint-

bathpaint_election 024

11. Host an Ice Cream Social indoors- invite over friends, you supply the ice cream and ask each guest to bring a topping to share. 

 day3 008

12. Stimulate those brains-whether your kiddos prefer computer programs like Reading Eggs, iPad Apps, think-it-through tiles, or the classic workbook style, take some time to combat the summer brain drain!

festival 047


13. Story time- let you children each pick their favorite books for you to read to them and then ask them to retell the story…what they remember and interpret will fascinate you and might even be somewhat amusing.

feelings_gingerbread 017

14. Play with your food-cut veggies, grab dry and cooked noodles, place paint on plates and allow kiddos to stamp veggies and let their imaginations wander!

tailgatekashi 037

tailgatekashi 040

15. Bake together- have kiddos help you make lunch, dinner, or a meal for a friend/family member.

lasagnafamilyroom 045

16. TP fun-give each child a roll of toilet paper and guide them as they make their very own custom costume….I foresee some beautiful bridal gowns and handsome super heros (or at least the capes, lol!)

overcast 011

Have a favorite rainy day activity? Have fond memories of an indoor activity you enjoyed as a child? Please share

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