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Raising awarness-CMV-What I wish I knew

I’m writing this as a 24 year old woman, your typical mum, fiance and girly girl at heart but also a grieving mum mourning the death of her daughter. Five years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 20 weeks gestation, my sleeping princess Frankie. When her post-Morton results came back, they told me it was due to something called CMV (Cytomegalovirus). It wasn’t until this evening while I was debating raising awareness about this that I realised I didn’t even know what on earth CMV is until I done my research and basically wow! I broke down in tears petrified.

CMV (Cytomegalovirus) is a type of disease from the herpes family (the same as chickenpox and shingles) transmitted very easily through kissing, intercourse etc however it is also passed on by nappy changing, touching surfaces, playing toys with your child/ren. If a pregnant woman suffers with CMV and the symptoms are almost exact of a cold so you probably wouldn’t even know about it, it can be passed on to the baby which could potentially become serious. This could cause what is known as congenital CMV which affects hearing and eye sight to name a few. You see, I didn’t know any of this, even when I was being told that this is the reason why my daughter had died in the womb. Which is why I want to raise awareness, it turns out that around 50-80% of the population have CMV and aren’t aware of it! Cytomegalovirus will sit dormant in my body for the rest of my life.

An amazing nurse reassured me that I shouldn’t worry, its harmless depending on the stage of infection and if I did have a bout of  CMV I probably wouldn’t even notice as it is the same as having a common cold/flu.  If I was to ever fall pregnant again I would need to go through tests to maintain the health of the unborn baby and myself. I am also aware since researching CMV that you can get a blood test to determine if you have ever suffered with it and if you still carry it.

So, someone someday might read this and think that I’m dirty or they might even think wow, she’s brave but all I want is for someone to read this for what it is, a grieving mum trying to raise awareness of something she only found out about five years later. If just one person could share this once, or tell someone else, I know that I have made one more person aware which in time, will spread the word and help prevent spreading the virus.

Thankyou x


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