Random acts of kindness, after the people watching lunch date my kids and I started to do our little random acts of kindness. After the sadness we had seen at lunch we decided to start making peoples day. It could be a big tip, a simple compliment, helping elderly at the store, ect.

 We are always so busy with life I think we forget to stop and make someones day. With all the rush rush rush, going to be late to here there and everywhere, we are lost in the mix. I have always taught my to be kind and help those in need. But we wanted to take it a little farther, it started at a drive-thru, there was a very young girl working the window. She had a beautiful mocha color skin that was flawless, a snapping smile that would brighten a room. Her hair was neat, and uniform clean and pressed. She was very sweet, but you could tell she had been crying, I paid and she said she would have our order right out. When she shut the window I looked to my oldest and said should we start here? Both kids chimed in YES!

 She came back to the window, handed me our bags, feeling like a creeper at this point I told her, "You are such a beautiful young girl, don't be so sad, whatever it is will be over soon, your smile is radiant, you are super sweet and personable, keep your head high girl!" Still feeling like a dork for saying something nice to a stranger probably harder for me since I don't so well in social settings. She burst into tears, I'm feeling like a freak. She shut the window and held a wait a minute finger. She came out the side door, opened my door and cried.

 I'm in total shock, I really don't know how to react or what to do. She said, "i'm so sorry but my mom just died and she always said to stand tall and hold your head high. I think God had sent you to me to tell me she is still around." I really don't know what to do at this point, we set out to make someones day, and make them feel better now I have this poor girl outside of the burger joint crying. I hugged her back, she was holding me tight like my kids do when they have been gone for a while. I knew that hug was for her momma. I squeezed her back, and told her just that, "stand tall and hold your head high" She smiled back at me and the kids, said thank you and we pulled out of the parking lot.

 After that the kids and I talked about how important it was to step out of our comfort zone to try to make a difference. It may not be some big grand gesture but that pretty girl at burger joint may think differently. I had never met her, I didn't know anything about her she was a stranger. But somehow we touched her heart and maybe eased her pain.

 After that we were all in, every time we were out and about we would pick a person or a few that seemed to need assistance and try to brighten their day. We have helped elderly people shop, (we needed milk from the store that was ALL and a very old grandma struggling to fill her cart on the scooter, we ended up getting a cart and walked thru the store and put in the cart what she said she needed got her to the check out unloaded her cart, waited, put the bags in the cart, took it to her car and loaded it, she offered us a gross piece of gum we respectfully declined, she said she had help once she got home fro her neighbor) Did I really want to spend an hour at wal-mart when I just needed milk, no, but it was the right thing to do. I even fought with myself debating on if I should offer help or just keep moving because we were in a hurry and I only needed one thing. Hearing her chat us up about cats and plants and this bird she feeds at her feeders told me it was needed. She needed that, and we got moral desert.

  Help someone, be kind say a nice word to a stranger! If I can do it, a person with a horrific case of social anxiety and OCD then anyone can.

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Comment by Shantell on January 23, 2019 at 6:04pm
Wow! What a powerful testimony! Performing random acts of kindness allows us to be a tool for God. It maybe random for us, but God is very intentional. It is during those seasons of openness that can use us best!

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