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 Rating became very important when you have too many competitors. Before we watch a movie, we check the rating. When we are buying furniture online, we check ratings.

In the same way, whenever you are taking for any services, they are asking you to rate. 

In most cases, I don't rate. Because I don't want to give anyone a negative rating. The service was that person's earning source, I just can't give any negative mark on it.

But I also didn't like the service. So, I'm not going to give good ratings. I can't give the wrong message to other customers, right?

For example, when I take a ride from Uber, I found some cars are clean, some not. Some drivers are very good with chatting with customers, some don't talk, some don't turn on AC, even in the heat-alert weather, some are driving rough, not maintaining road rules. What to say, I don't want to hurt any of them. It's their earning source.

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