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Read this if you want to find a secondary school for your child and not lose your cool

If your children are near the end of the primary school then you may hear daily the same question. What secondary school will you choose for me? And you may not have an answer to this question, because there are multiple options. You have to choose between private and public schools, single or co-ed sex schools, secular or religious schools. And because the options are numerous you can easily select the wrong school, and your little ones will no longer see you as a cool mom. Your main worry is that your kids will fall in with a bad group and they will not be prepared for a future career. Also, you may ask yourself if you can afford to pay for the secondary school. Well, you should worry no more, because with the right planning and research you will make the right decision.


Start the search early

If you want to have enough time to find the right secondary school for your kids, then you should start as early as possible to search it. In this way you will have the possibility to prepare your little ones for the transition, because you will have information on how the classes will be. Also if you start the search early, you have greater chances to get your children enrolled to the school you want. The majority of moms start the search when their children are on Grade 5, but there is no harm if you look around earlier.

In case you want to opt for a private school then you may have to put your kids to waiting lists. It is advisable to put them on several lists, because in this way you have the possibility to opt for the one you want when the time comes.

Make a list with your favourite schools

If you want your children to follow the classes of a public school then you should check the neighbourhood where they are located. In case the school is too far away from you, then there is no point in you trying to get your children admitted there. The same goes with private schools, because you may spend too much time on getting your kids to and from school.

Ask your kids what preferences they have

As a mom you have the right to make the final decision, but this does not mean that you should not ask your children what their opinion is. You should know what they want from a secondary school, because they are the ones who will have to go to classes daily. Ask them if they want to be admitted to Park Academy West London as their friends do, if they want to go to a single sex school or if they want to go to a school close to home. There are children who simply do not like to travel to go to a further school.

If you want to enrol your kids to a private school you will have to tell them that this implies making some financial sacrifices because you will have to cover fees. Ask them if they are ok with this situation. It is important to ask your children what their preferences are, because they have to be happy with the choice of the school. But you should keep in mind that your little ones do not always know what is better for them, so you will have to make the final decision.

It is a long term decision

The main criterion when you choose a secondary school for your child is the opportunities they will have the later years. Now you may find difficult to imagine the pathway for your kids, but you have to make sure that they will have multiple options from which to choose. There are West London Secondary Schools that offer a learning approach similar to a college. If they will go to such a school then they will be encouraged to choose the learning style that suits them better and to take responsibility for their own results. You should know that this type of school require students to wear uniforms and respect certain rules.

Ask other moms for feedback

It is essential to ask for feedback, when you choose a secondary school for your children, because you have to know that happens there on a daily basis. If you check only the school’s publications and website you will find only the positive aspects of the institution. If you know moms who enrolled their children to a school, you want to send your kids to, then you should ask them what their opinion is. Make sure that the school communicates with parents, because you want to be up to date with the progress of your children.

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