Reading for Inspiration: Books to Grow your Blog

The trends in blogging technology are always changing, and just as soon as you figure out WordPress, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter change it up on you. But that’s okay because as long as the Earth keeps spinning, things will always change.

To stay on top of the trends, ahead of the game and your creativity fresh, it’s important to always keep learning, inspiring and motivating yourself to reach higher and go farther.

Listed here are some top-five Mom Blogger approved books to read for inspiration and learning on blogging, social media, and entrepreneurship. Looking for more? Check out our Pinterest board, Reading for Blogging Inspiration, to find more great resources! 

Books on Blogging

WordPress To Go by Sarah McHarry

If you’re new to blogging or want to make your website design more polished, this guide will walk you through the essential first steps to help you get up and running with WordPress.

Blogging for Creatives by Robin Houghton

For the creative-minded blogger, this is a non-techie guide for creating inspiring and beautiful blogs, along with stories from people who started out with nothing but a dream and a computer. This book will give you inspiring tips on how to create fresh designs and content that will keep your readers coming back.

Born to Blog by Mark Schaefer and Stanford Smith

This book provides practical insight on blogging for business or pleasure. Their book addresses the real questions bloggers have, especially if they are seeing a decline or numbers that aren’t budging, such as “Is my content appealing to my readers,” “Why isn’t anyone commenting,” and all the other questions that we ponder into our screens.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

This is a comprehensive, 12-week program to get your creative juices flowing again. Writing, like all art, is a struggle in which we must overcome our fears and self-doubts. Published over a decade ago, this book has helped many artists find their voice and their passion.

Everything But the Posts by Becca Ludlum

This is a manual for newbie and veteran bloggers alike. The author, a blog mentor, gives you tips on getting set up, engaging with your community and how to get monetized. This book even provides the same templates the author used to pitch to sponsors and advertisers, and you can even join the author’s Facebook group after purchasing the book to get your questions answered in real time.

Social Media Success

500 Social Media Marketing Tips by Andrew Macarthy

This recently updated guide (Spring 2015) has a practical layout and concise instructions to help you build your brand on social media and attract and engage your readers. The great thing about this book is that it doesn’t require sitting down to read for long periods of time, instead it was created with short, actionable tips to get your social media game moving and grooving.

The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

In order to get your blog noticed, you need more than great content—you need to harness the power of social media. The authors, self-described social media evangelicals, will provide you with the resources you need to get your social media campaigns out of the nest and fluttering into everyone’s Twitter streams. Pick up the digital copy for extra linked content.

Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

For concrete examples on what works and doesn’t work in social media, let this book be your guide. The message is clear and simple: you must be likeable. The author, a social media powerhouse, provides examples from his own experiences and also provides exercises at the end of each chapter.

The Comic Guide to SEO by Amit Bhawnani

This e-book takes a fun approach to the task of learning and optimizing SEO. This e-book gives you the basic rundown on how rankings work, keywords and what algorithms mean to your blog. At only 55 pages, you’ll have time to actually put to use what you learn in the book.

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz

Moz is a website that knows all about SEO, blogging and everything in between. This e-book provides you with the basic fundamental strategies to make your website more SEO friendly. And the best part? You can download it and read it across all your devices!

Books on Work-Life Balance

Moms Mean Business by Erin Baebler and Lara Galloway

Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men, and most of these women are moms. This book tells you what to expect when you’re expecting for your business plan, how to keep a work-life balance that won’t turn you into a meanie pants and plenty of tips to the problems that entrepreneurs encounter.

The Frugal Entrepreneur by Terri Lonier

This book provides common-sense advice, but the overwhelming message is that creativity is the key to success and taking the easy way out will always cost you a buck.

The Martha Rules by Martha Stewart

Love her or hate her, the woman knows what she’s doing. Martha shares her own business-building experiences and doles out tips on finding your entrepreneurial voice and your niche to turn your kitchen table hobby into a profitable career.

The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner

Founder of the blog The Mom Creative, Jessica Turner gives you a permission slip to be just a little bit selfish. Jessica speaks truth to the self-imposed setbacks that women place on themselves in trying to be pleasing to everyone and feeling guilty in the pursuit of your own professional happiness. Follow Jessica’s advice and carve out a little time for yourself each day.

Bossypants by Tina Fey

If you just want to laugh and get some working-gal tips along the way, Tina Fey won’t let you down. 

Those are our top picks! How about you? Any great books to share with the club? Tell us in the comments below!

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