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The market for adjustable bed is expanding day by day as the consumers like it for the comfort factor. Earlier adjustable beds were used in hospitals, but over the past three decades, it is commonly used in-home care.

The concept of adjustable beds has been around since the Roman Empire when the emperors and the elite would gather for meals by laying on their sides. Nowadays, it's well accepted inside the bedroom as these beds fit attractively into the bedrooms. People have also realized that the adjustable bed has more utility than a flatbed and you can buy bed online India. Let’s see why buying an adjustable bed would be a wise decision:

  • Help with lower back pain: Many people suffer from lower back pain. It is a common health issue nowadays. These people find it very difficult to get out of a flatbed. They cannot catch proper sleep as they keep turning all night to place their back to a comfortable position. When such people sleep on an adjustable bed, they can elevate their head and place their back to a comfortable position. As a result, the muscles relax and they get to sleep well.

  • Prevent Snoring: When you are lying on a flatbed, the neck puts extra weight on the windpipe causing it to close and make a noise known as snoring. In an adjustable bed, your head is lifted and gravity allows for the weight to be taken off the windpipe, hence reducing the snoring issue. Sleeping in an angled position improves airflow, reducing obstructions from nasal passages that promote healthier and uninterrupted sleep. 

  • Relieve Arthritis Pain: People suffering from chronic arthritis can relieve their pain to some extent using the adjustable beds. Stiff and aching joints can be soothed by positioning the mattress and that would allow rest to those joints.

  • Reduce the swelling of leg: Pregnant women and those afflicted with illness are distraught with swollen legs. Lying on a flatbed allows the fluids to pool which causes the swelling to increase and results in pain and sleepless nights. The swelling can be reduced if the legs are raised. The adjustable bed allows elevating the legs to a comfortable position which helps in reducing the swelling effect.

  • Enhance blood circulation and helps with heart problems: A healthy heart needs to maintain the regular circulation of oxygen-rich blood which becomes difficult when laying down flat. The traditional mattress lacks proper pressure and support, hence, increases the workload of the heart while you sleep. If your back is elevated a little the circulation of blood is made easier and the heart can work more efficiently.

  • Increase accessibility: Some people have to stay in bed for longer durations, such as those with an inability to walk, who are pregnant, post-partum mothers or people with mobility issues. The adjustable bed helps such people to accomplish their daily tasks more comfortably. The tasks may include writing, eating, reading or folding clothes. They get proper neck support while working and feel independent.

 Adjustable beds promote better health conditions and enrich the sleep experience. Therefore, people of all age groups are always choosing the adjustable beds over flatbeds. Buying beds online will be a wise decision, and you can also avail study table at best prices along with other pieces of furniture. 


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