Reasons Why Blue Light Can Be Dangerous to Your Kid’s Eyes

Until technology was discovered sun was our source of light. Our early parents spend evenings in relative darkness. Now things are different, instead of the natural light from the sun, we are exposed to blue light that comes from everything including artificial light and other electric devices. This light is harmful to human eyes, especially kid’s eyes. The blue light emitted by energy-efficient light bulbs are harmful to our young one's eyes. But as moms, should our kids pay the price of using blue-light at home?

Where are our children exposed to blue light?

Most of the time, we need blue light from sunlight for health purposes. But when darkness enters, kids are more prone to blue light effects that during the day. In addition to energy-efficient bulbs, other sources of blue lights are:

  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • LED light
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Laptop, computer monitor, tablet, and smartphone screens

Children spend more time watching TVs and playing with other smart devices. This way they are exposed to a high amount of blue light which is riskier.

A recent study shows that the blue light on these screens is harmful to children’s eyes. Children are prone to blue light effects than adults. Young eyes absorb more light than us. So for moms, it’s better to be very careful with the time your kids spend on screen or better still look for an alternative to reduce harmful blue-eyes in your home.

How does blue light affect your child’s eyes and sleep patterns?

Have you ever been watching your favorite series, then the light on your screen changes, before your eyes can adjust the light changes again? You think it doesn’t matter, but this is the cause of eye problems in adults, now as a mom, image what your kid will be going through after eyes of blue light exposure. Early research shows that exposure to too much blue light can lead to:

  • Retina damage
  • Digital eyestrain
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Sleep problem

The effect of this light on your kid’s eyes are even worse. It increases the chances of your child becoming Myopic, hyperopic and astigmatic in adulthood.

How can blue LEDs Light affect sleep?


The body's biological clock works in rhythms that are set by the amount of light and dark the body is exposed to. This is called the circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms control the timing of many physiological processes. They determine sleeping and feeding patterns, as well as brain activity, hormone production and cell regeneration. 

The solution

After knowing the damages blue light can do to your child’s eyes. Here is one way to make things better. Use eye-caring LED lamp from Dr.Lite. These Lamps reduced most harmful blue-lights and provide the perfect contrast and brightness protecting your child’s eyes in the process. Our eye-caring LED Desk Lamp, and floor lamp allows you to control the amount of light emitted for the sake of your kid’s eyes.

Eye-caring Led lamp product description

  • Produces a very soft light
  • Has 3 stage dimmable switch and patented blue light reduction panel
  • Reduced glare and reflection from screens and books
  • 4000K - 4500K light source

Visit our official website at Dr.Lite for more information, and other affordable options.

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