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Reasons Why City and Guild Art School is Right for you:

The University of City & Guilds London Art school and Drawing known as the City&Guilds draws together top-notch art theorists and contemporary artists and the most vibrant and all-round creative art students for intensive teaching and learning.

This school is an embodiment of vigor and rigor all submerged deeply in a wide sense of research embodies. The school sees to the provision and arrangement of personal workshops and studios co-operatively according to the need and areas of interest of the students.

For all intent and purposes, be it procurement of important contacts that can help one later in this noble career, to acquiring hands-on coaching and instructions from erudite professionals of arts, this school has it all and more in stock. The CityandGuilds school of arts has got a lot to give you as a professional looking for new avenues to explore and as a beginner looking to find his/her footing. Here are the reasons why:

1. Access to equipment

The CityandGuilds School of Fine Arts and Drawing boast of cutting edge equipment that may be hard to come by in any other institution. The Visual and Media Arts Practice program of the institution is made up of not less than 15 studios coupled with lab spaces that are taking up approx. More than 50,000 square feet of space. The areas of the CityandGuild’s main studio include sections for drawing, sculpture, painting, audio and video, and still photography. In addition to these sections is a wooden shop, metal shop, and 3D and 2D studios, visual resource centers, computer classrooms and black and white labs.

2. Studio space

In addition to the collection of equipment in the CityandGuilds, students are allowed complete access to well-structured program of the CityandGuilds studios to help facilitate the teaching and learning processes. The Bachelor of Fine Arts at the CityandGuilds is a three-year program based on studio exposures bringing students and professors together in a collaboratively organized studio. It gives students the provision to get involved with the multidisciplinary diversity of contemporary art in core areas like printmaking, painting and photography, video and sound creating and other experimental processes.  In CityandGuilds, 75% of the BFA course is channeled exclusively to studio-based activities and the remaining 25% visual culture.

 3. Instruction from Experts:

The CityandGuilds School of Fine Arts and Drawing are ever ready to apply the knowledge and experience gained from their years of practice and study into guiding you throughout your period of stay. To this effect, for all students currently studying at the CityandGuilds, the school organizes and presents a yearly career day with the goal of discussing the main issues that affects up-coming artists.

The Professional Practice Symposium incorporates a panel of discussion involving gallerists, professional art critics, alumni and curators where they jointly address these issues and proffer strategies for moving the profession forward. Additionally, the topics like representation, funding and copyright are debated, providing a cumbersome platform for the students and young artists to hear and learn directly from experts in creative arts as they make plans for their next steps towards their destination in the world of arts.

4. Built-in Research- Based community

The CityandGuilds School of Art is notable for providing an outstanding environment for teaching and learning typical of Oxford University wherein research via art making is incorporated with research on issues bordering on contemporary art, with each procedure for inquiry and consultation perfectly enriching the other all within the broader context of a cutting-edge, research-intensive institution.

5. Business skills

At the CityandGuilds School of Fine Arts and Drawing, students are exposed not just to developing their artistic abilities and concepts, but in addition, how to run small firms rooted in the world or arts. How to deal with copyrights, available sources of funding and how to reach-out to target markets. 

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