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Reblog - Self-Publishing Lesson #2: A Writer's Mindset

(Originally published at on March 9, 2021)

As I embark upon my new book writing journey, I thought it justifiably fitting to discuss how important mindset is when you're starting a new venture that you want to see successfully come to fruition. As of this day, I don't personally know of anyone who starts out on a goal-achievement journey to fail. Do you? If so, I'd love for you to share with me and the reading audience what that person's rationale was for approaching the start line in the first place.

Anyway, one thing I'm totally convinced of is that the mind has to be prepared to be "in" anything you do in order to achieve it on a high level. It's that "in it to win it" mentality that can take you through those bouts of discouragement (from inside and out), challenges (you have control over and don't), and set-backs and turnarounds from those tangible and intangible resources and know-how you lack.

Inevitably, you know that challenging times can surface with uncharted territory. So, what are you going to do about it?

Well, I've opted to get my mind right. Where the mind goes, the heart follows and vice versa. The mind and heart are oftentimes interchangeable in many areas of life. And, book-writing goal-setting is no exception. Therefore, I'm determined to start out with the right mindset this go-around.

I've been here before -- at the start of a new book adventure. But, I now have some experience under my belt and I don't have to guess at how my creative and business-mindedness should be functioning during the self-publishing process or imagine all the possible emotional rollercoasters I could possibly face while trekking along Authorship Road once again. I'm pretty much aware of them all and have already experienced those that I'll more than likely revisit each time I go into a new writing venture. And for those feelings, emotions, attitudes, heartstring tugs, and mindset shifts I haven't personally encountered just yet, I'm sure I'll be more prepared for them now than when I self-published my first book.

My short writing career has run the gamut of possible experiences one could imagine, including self-discovery and self-doubt, support and discouragement, active perseverance and inactive procrastination, lack of expertise and gain of knowledge, start to finish and finish to start over, successes and failures, and the list of opposite forces goes on and on. Nevertheless . . . I'm still here and ready for the next writing adventure to present itself.

And since I'm currently on this new book writing journey about incentives, I might as well make the experience as positive as it can possibly be. So, here's where a healthy mindset becomes crucial to a successful start on the journey before me. The mind is powerful and I intend to use it for good in my writing and in my life, in general. To help condition it, however, I've decided to continuously apply some wisdom from my mindset back on September 24, 2019, when I published my original post, entitled "Self-Publishing Lesson #2: A Writer's Mindset".

On this date of my writing career, I was just getting ready to publish my first book, Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult. And this particular post highlights some of the lessons I learned back then that I'm, most definitely, applying to my writing process today. It's amazing how time flies. But it's even more amazing that, no matter how much time has elapsed, the same mental strength that got me through my writing struggles back in the day can take me through my content creation battles today.

Check out my original post (below) from a year and a half ago:

There's a lot that goes into the process of self-publishing a book. Believe me; I know. I'm all the way in it and close to the point on the timeline when I hit the "Publish" button to release my book into the world. I've also learned what goes into a true self-publisher's mindset; and I've identified the fact that I have much work to do on this front. But, I'm hoping to continue my writing and self-publishing journey for the long-term and plan on working to perfect the creative mindset with each new passing book I'm blessed to write. Here's what I've learned a self-published writer's mentality must consist of:

  1. a realization that you'll be wearing many, many hats (assuming many roles) in order to get your book published. You're in charge, whether you handle the particulars of the book business and creative process directly or enlist help from others. You're the one who makes the decisions and has the final say-so over the outcomes of your self-publishing needs/goals. Whether these needs/goals flop or turn into a reality, you (and you alone) own 100 percent of your successes and failures.
  2. the ability to shut down the haters. You have to be able to cancel out the negativity from without (from others) and from within (from yourself). It's easy to succumb to the discouraging voices of the naysayers (and even yourself), who might tell you that you can't do what you've set out to do, that you're not good enough, that you're not knowledgeable enough, and that no one will find your book of any value. Pats on the back, encouragement, and empathy, while you go through the self-publishing process, may be few and far in between. So, put on your thick skin and constantly remind yourself of the reason you write in the first place. Let that voice be the one that drowns out all the negativity coming from the others.
  3. a purpose-driven focus. You must have a healthy measure of confidence in what you're doing and know that you can ultimately accomplish your self-publishing goals. It's the buy-in mentality. (It's hard to succeed without it.) You have to believe that there's value in what you're writing and envision the benefit it can provide to the world.
  4. a willingness to research and thoroughly seek out the information or personal help you need when it comes to things you have little-to-no knowledge of. Being lackadaisical on the research can cause you to make some premature and uneducated decisions that negatively impact your self-publishing goals. So, don't skimp on this mindset must-have.
  5. the ability to persevere (even in the face of adversity and extreme pressure). Stay committed, COMMITTED, COMMITTED and devoted, DEVOTED, DEVOTED to your mission! If you strive to take one day at a time and do the best you can to "stay on track" that day, then the task(s) before you seem much more manageable and doable on an ongoing basis.
  6. a drive that welcomes learning and growth. Remember: you're going to be wearing many hats (that of the Executive, Operations, Supply Chain, IT, Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations, Marketing, Legal, and Customer Relations departments). Whatever I left out of the list, you own that too. So, the more knowledgeable you are about the writing/self-publishing process, the better. Learn to love learning curves.
  7. a willingness to be flexible and moldable. Keeping a clay-like mentality can be a beneficial thought process to adopt. It helps you to realize that you're not perfect (no one is, so there's room for growth). Situations and circumstances can change in a moment, and you can't control every aspect of the processes you go through to reach your goals. This mindset is instrumental in determining how you respond to change, a factor that affects every living human being.


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