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Relocating After Divorce? Here’s How to Choose Your New Home

Divorce is not something worthy of celebration, at least in most cases. After a divorce, you will have to start a new life in a new way, and this can be emotionally draining, especially since many divorced individuals never planned for such an experience. After a divorce, you need to find a new place to stay, and things even get more complicated if you do not have much money on you. Limited access to cash means you may not be able to buy your own home. In such an instance, you can settle for a cheap rental in a perfect location in your city. You may also be lucky to find a friend or two willing to accommodate you pending the time you can find your feet. Your family members may also come to your rescue. And who says you cannot stay with your ex-spouse until you can save enough money to get a new place? It is all a matter of understanding between both parties. 

If you have adequate money, on the other hand, you can search online for how to buy luxury homes in London so that you can start a new life in a plush manner.

The internet to the rescue

The internet can make the search for a new home very easy for you. If you prefer the cheap rental option, just search the particular area of London where you want the home to be located. If you cannot find in your preferred location, you can check other places not far from that originally intended location. A good website to check for this purpose is  If you still want to save more money, you can look around London for someone interested in renting out a room or studio in his home; this will turn out to be a far cheaper option. You can hang out there pending the time you can find a better place to stay. 

The environment matters

The environment where the home is also located matters. Before renting an apartment in any location in London, find out about the crime rate of that neighborhood.  Even at that, always bear in mind that the first home after divorce will not necessarily be your permanent home. An apartment in a slightly shady neighborhood may also be the best for you since it can offer comfort and privacy you desperately need after a divorce. You can spend the time of the privacy to get over the pains and disappointment.

Why not try a hotel?

A hotel is yet another place to consider when looking for a place to stay after a divorce, albeit temporarily.  Renting an apartment in London means you have to pay for a minimum of 6 months lease period. This is unlike a hotel where you can pay as you go.  The hotel is the best option for you if you are not planning to stay for long in that location.  The short-term housing makes you feel free and avails you the opportunity to move any time you feel like it.  Granted that you will have to pay more for hotel accommodation compared to a rental apartment; the latter choice does not give you as much freedom as the former.

Check the place out properly

If you prefer a rental apartment to a hotel lodging after a divorce, you should check the new apartment properly to be sure that everything is fine.  It is a usual thing to be in haste or desperate for your own place after a divorce, but you should never let the desperation or haste to push you into renting an apartment you have not checked properly.  As hinted earlier, check the crime rate of that environment and also find out how close or far it is from your working place.

If you can spare adequate cash, you can as well buy a home for yourself. Buying a home also gives you a chance to benefit from central London development opportunities. For example, you can sell off the home at a later date and at a higher price than what you paid for it.

Aside from the crime rate and closeness to work, you should also find out if the new apartment is accessible by public transportation before you ever place your money on it. Additionally, how good is your cell phone reception in that area?  Using a cell phone can save you a lot of money compared to using a landline.  Never forget also to check the water pressure to be sure that the toilet can be flushed easily and that water runs well in the tap.


The points above can guide you when searching for a new home after a divorce.  Divorce is never a palatable occurrence, but finding the right home can help you to cope better with the emotional and psychological challenges involved.   

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