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 In this busy world, everybody is busy. Even kids don't have time to talk. People who are holding bigger positions in a company are busier. It is very difficult to reply to any phone call, message or email for them. But what about the person who is seeking attention?

I must tell you about my son's school principal. Whenever I send her an email, she always replies and took action on it. Salute to her! I don't know how she is managing time for each and every parent, student and colleague.

In my carrier and personal life, I always try to reply. Unintentionally very few times I forget to reply. And in some cases, I didn't reply only to make them understand that I don't want to continue any conversation. With only one person I didn't reply because deep inside I am hurt. I hope that person will understand that.

Other than these, I always reply. I want to continue talking or communicating with people by email, chat, phone call, or in-person. I stop myself only when they stop replying. If I didn't communicate with you check your messages. You will see I did send you the last message. I never want to irritated people. You don't want to hear from me, just stop replying or block me. I will respect your decision.

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