The reason why so many people go on diets is because they promise fast results. One such diet is the 3 day diet plan. It claims to get people to lose up to 10 pounds a week. The 3 day plan is actually a week broken into two 3 day periods. In the first 3 days, dieters follow a strict meal plan. From day 4 onwards, they eat only 1500 calories per day for the rest of the week. They can repeat the process as often as they’d like.

It’s a tough and strict regimen with no leeway. Food items include hardboiled eggs, wholegrain bread, tuna, cottage cheese, apples and vanilla ice cream. Go online to find the full length plan. The vegan version substitutes meat with lentils, nuts and soya.

The 3 day diet is also called the military diet. Its name should give you some indication of how tough it is, but the rewards seem pretty worth it. How does the diet deliver its fabulous results?

  • Low calories for the win
  • Metabolism at maximum
  • Fasting is cleansing
  • Easily digestible, filling, fat burning food

It makes many claims but does the 3 day diet plan work?


Sites that offer the 3 day diet plan do not claim to be experts. The sites clearly state that they are not licensed and that they lack the knowledge or experience to comment on the efficacy of the diet. This is not reassuring, to say the least. The very group that offers the diet plan also seems to wash its hands off its ultimate goal. Worrying indeed.

The other thing to consider is if it works for everyone. We know now that the diet is low calorie. But it is not low fat or low salt. This makes it a risky choice for people with high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.


On the other hand, if you eat less than 900-910 calories a day, you’re quite likely to lose weight. But is it healthy? Losing 10 pounds in 3 days is way above the recommended half to one pound a week weight loss. The kind of rapid weight loss is temporary and is likely to return.

The 3 day diet works because it doesn’t require meal prep, beyond the basics, and is not difficult, expensive or time consuming to shop for. Weight loss is also possible. All these are positives.The before and after results also proves that it works.

On the negatives, there is no balance in the diet; nutritionally you are not doing your body any favors, what’s more, some of the foods you’re consuming aren’t all that good for you, high on salt and fat as they are. Where’s the fiber, and vitamins? A sustained diet like this can wreak havoc on your system. Also, let’s face it- where’s the pleasure in a diet like this? Food is a simple and profound pleasure and the diet doesn’t get it.

If weight loss is the ultimate goal, then it’s best to go slowly and more scientifically. Incorporating exercise is key to weight loss. In the 3 day diet, exercise is not encouraged because it could be tiring to do that, given the low food content. Exercise is the most effective way to sustained fat burning. And ultimately, a healthier way to lose weight.

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