We have been toting around the Haruhonpo Candy Purple Deluxe Travel bag ($125) for the past few weeks and love it. Here’s why.

As frequent travelers we love great bags. We were recently sent a Haruhonpo bag (they’re huge in Asia and are now launching in the States) and it is absolutely dreamy. Not only is it plush on the outside, it has fifteen pockets – enough space for all of your things from your makeup to your laptop to the obligatory bottle of water you’ll need throughout the day. We love that there are two rather large pockets on the inside of the bag – one has a plastic liner and we know how important those are. We are sure we’re not the only ones who have ruined a purse with makeup.  

The Deluxe Travel Bag has a key clamp as well as a separate insulated bag that can hold cold water or juices, for example. It also has a removable pouch with two pockets to hold more of the things you need to carry with you.

We believe this is a perfect everyday bag as well as the perfect bag for very long flights when you need to find things quickly like your passport or your books or tablet. It is also perfect for long road trips primarily because of all of the compartments it has. Easy access to your personal belongings is a real plus especially for busy mothers and women travelers. This Deluxe Travel Bag really has it all – comfort, affordability as well as enough storage space.

We were extremely impressed by how soft the Deluxe Travel Bag is. If you have ever slept in an expensive sleeping bag, that is what the fabric feels like. The straps are soft and plush making carrying it simple and comfortable. The unique fabric is made in Japan and the print is designed by the Haruhonpo in-house design team. Each print is not dyed, rather they are weaved by hand. Each bag is also water repellent so you only need to quickly wipe any stains or dirt off without needing to machine wash it.

The bag weighing in at 1.1 pounds is extremely lightweight so if you need to pack it tight it will not be overly heavy. Not only is this bag perfect for traveling it is also perfect to use as a diaper bag as it has two side pockets that are useful for storing bottles. You can carry your diapers, wipes, and anything necessary for your baby when you’re on the go.  The travel bag also comes with a removable shoulder strap.

We were able to fit in two books, a laptop, a iPad, and a bottle of water in our bag. That does not even include everything we stored in the pockets like makeup, keys, passport, wallet and snacks.

Toddler Backpack

We also received the cutest pink leopard toddler backpack ($80) from Haruhonpo that has a delightful design and is equally as plush as the adult Deluxe Travel Bag. The backpack has two side pockets, one pocket inside the backpack as well as an expandable pocket on the front. The straps are adjustable as well as plush for comfort. It also has a key clamp. And the chest strap just makes it easy for kids to run up and down without losing their backpack. It is also easy to clean and perfect for parents who are looking for unique backpack that will not get confused with others in their classrooms.

And, look how much we were able to fit inside. We were able to fit comfortably seven toddler books inside the backpack and it wasn’t heavy.

If you would like a bag of your own, you can easily receive 20% OFF. Use code MBC2016 at

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Comment by Mama Traveler on February 1, 2016 at 1:07pm

I need one of these! 

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