Review: XNSPY and why Message Tracking is Important for the Modern Day Mom

Being a mom isn’t easy, in fact, it never was, be it the Dark Ages, the middle Ages or even our current modern age. Each era brought its own challenges for mothers from protecting their children from being abducted, killed or abused by raiders and/or wild animals to protecting them from cyber bullying, sexting, inappropriate material, pedophiles and other dangerous strangers. The ways our children might be exposed to danger has changed, yet the threat has remained the same throughout time – message tracking can help moms have peace of mind about who their children are in contact with, and what they are discussing in this age of smart devices.

In fact it’s not just about tracking and monitoring the messages your child has been sending, there is a whole lot more that is available to mothers to keep a check on their kids. Some moms might say that this is equivalent to spying on your child and it might cause trust issues. My question is - you trust your child, but do you trust everyone they’re in contact with? If you are like me then the answer is probably no – so why take the chance?

There are several apps out there that allow for remote monitoring of both SMS and IM chat messages, as well as a host of other features and functionalities but the one I am reviewing today is called xnspy. This is a relatively affordable monitoring app that can be used by the whole family not just for spying on your kids, but for personal data protection as well. The features it has allowed backing up of certain files and conversations that have taken place on SMS or different IM Chats. It works on both Android and iOS devices and is controlled by a web-based dashboard.

As a message tracking tool, it is very effective; it is small in size, does not drain the battery and does not slow down the device it is installed on. It gives you the freedom to see who has sent the message and through what app – SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc.? It also allows users to set up alerts for certain contacts, for example, if you are suspicious and uncertain about a specific person who is in communication with your child, with the alert option you will get a notification every time the person sends an SMS or IM chat message or makes a call; you will be able to read the message as well.

The added picture and video viewing capability allows concerned moms to view the type of content their children are receiving or are being exposed to. It can also assist with mothers of teenaged children to prevent or control sexting and cyberbullying, which is alarmingly common these days.

Xnspy has a whole array of spying functionality such as allowing the app user to view call records, see the browsing history and bookmarks on the smartphone or tablet, and see the location history of the device. Through location history, concerned mothers can view where their child is at and where they have been. The Geo-fencing capability allows moms to set up alerts to get notifications when their children enter for example a prohibited area.

The SIM card change alert notifies the user that a SIM card has been removed or replaced. This can be a warning signal for mothers to contact their children if they have not been informed about it beforehand.

It has several remote controlling features such as remote lock and remote delete function, these are excellent failsafe systems that allow private or personal information including pictures and videos from leaking out. In case the child loses or has his device stolen mothers can remotely delete wipe all data from the phone or tablet.

In conclusion, I found that XNSPY is not just a great app for message tracking, but also a very effective failsafe for data security. It is currently available in two editions – Basic Edition and Premium, they are both priced differently giving the customer flexibility to pay according to the functionality they require. The cost for the Basic is as low as $8.32/month and for the Premium is as low as $12.49/month. You can visit their site for more information.

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