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I have such fond memories of watching Sesame Street when I was little. My Mom said that I watched it twice a day - once in English and once in French. I knew the songs, I had my favorite characters and my Dad could even mimic a few of the voices, which always made me giggle.

I tried to introduce my son to Sesame Street, but it never really took. Sure, he watched a few episodes, but he never requested to watch it. Maybe it was because he was in school all day and the only times he could see it was when he was home sick or when there was a snow day. Or, maybe he just had too many other choices at his fingertips.

I still get excited when I read about the good that Sesame Street is doing. For example, a recent study found that children who watch Sesame Street are better prepared for entry to p.... It also found that those kids were more likely to stay on target in their learning well beyond preschool as well. 

I also get excited when I see Sesame Street unexpectedly pop up in my life. Like when I watched their Tiny Desk concert at NPR (and I still knew most of the words!) Or when the characters appeared in my Waze app to give me directions. 

These small links to my childhood really give me a boost of happiness. 

What sparks fond memories of your childhood for you? Share with me in the comments.

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