RORAIMA Lightweight Reclining Camping Chair

I attend a lot of local events with my family. For outdoor events, bringing chairs and blankets are usually less of a suggestion, more of a requirement if you want to be comfortable and not stand for hours.
I have no complaints when it comes to my portable chairs, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to try one that not only reclines, but has a footrest.
The RORAIMA Reclining Camping Chair includes a detachable headrest, two cup holders and a pocket on the left side that is large enough to hold a tablet and more. The additional cup holder and side pocket are desirable additions that are necessary, even before you realize how necessary they are.
Aside from needing some place to rest my phone as well as a drink, if you're like me you probably have kids who always ask you to hold something for them while they play. That's where the pockets become useful. (continue)

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