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Sandbox Book Club Recommendation #11

One Hungry Monster by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe




One Hungry Monster: A Counting Book in Rhyme is so high on Jax's list of favorite books right now that we both have it memorized.  Don't get me started, I won't be able to stop.  It is the only counting book that has ever held his attention, and he has been able to count to ten forever.  It's something about those endearing little monsters, described in rhyme, that makes him reach for this book again and again and ask for it to be in his crib at night.



The premise of the book is simple.  You read about ten hungry monsters that prowl around the narrator's house,who is a young boy, looking for food.  You count from 1 to 10 until the little boy can't take it any more and just feeds them to get them out.  Then you count from 1 to 10 again as he describes the gigantic feast he provides for the monsters, all in rhyme.  Jax smiles every time we get to "3 bowls of spaghetti that they dump upon my head."  He says it with great glee and conviction, like that little boy deserved the spaghetti shower.  It's hilarious.



There's not much else to say as an endorsement besides great illustrations, counting and rhymes, a cute ending that makes Jax laugh every time, and a story that will get stuck in your head so you can recite it on cue when you're changing a diaper or stuck in traffic.  I often hear myself saying, "One jug of apple juice, two loaves of bread..." and Jax's frown turns upside down as he sing-songs the rest.  Always good to have a memorized story in your back pocket!


An excellent book for kids who love to read and count...wait, isn't that most kids?  A great book for almost anyone!


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