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 In Saskatchewan, all apartments have AC and dishwashers. When you work full time and raise your kid, you know how much you have time to do the dishes. Another reason is, in Canada, summer is very hot. Sometimes you will feel difficult to breathe. Every summer people die because of hot weather and most of them didn't have AC in the house.

In Ontario, generally, apartments don't have any AC or dishwasher. But they are taking rents double than Saskatchewan. I really expected better service in the world's number one city.

In Saskatchewan, whenever we call the apartment manager, he answered the phone. If he couldn't receive the call, then call he used to call us back. Even when we use to send him a message, he called back.

In Ontario, the building manager stopped taking our calls after we moved in. And he never calls us back. Like you have taken the apartment, my job is done, now live on your own.

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