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 When my son was in Saskatchewan public school, he never needed to wear any school dress. Even on different occasions or theme dress days, they had been told to wear anything from home which is matching with the theme.

Now he is in Ontario public school. The school is very strict with the uniform. We had to buy from the given company. I and my son stand in a line for 2 hours to get inside the store, then found only one shirt of his size. I have ordered 3 more as he needs to wear 4 days a week. All the uniform is very costly. I had to pay $500 for his uniform, which wasn't available, and I ordered them to send me home. Still, I didn't buy his gym uniforms.

Now he has started his class with one dress. After returning home, I had hand washed then try to dry on the balcony. Didn't work. Before sleep it was ironed for a couple of times, still, it was wet. Then I put it on a chair and put the chair in front of the AC. In the morning it was still a little wet in the border areas. I ironed it again and put it in front of a fan. After one and half hours, my son could wear it.

So, today I didn't wash it. I will keep the uniform this way for the next two days. I know, it is stinking but what can I do, I don't have any more uniform, and it is too thick to dry in one day.

I believe the uniforms shouldn't be this much costly. When the quality is normal and you can buy a t-shirt from Walmart at 5 times less price.

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