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 I believe the education system is the backbone of any country. The best investment for the better future of the country is investing in education. Your kids are your future. The more they will be educated, the brighter future you can expect from them. A good education will help to boom their creativity and good energy.

When I was in Saskatchewan, I have seen their government cut off money from kid's education. The school fall in big trouble. To continue their activity they had to ask parents to donate money. They started different activities to earn money for the kids, to continue their extra curriculum activity and staff expenses. I felt terrible. It's easy to take money away from the kid's section, they won't understand and won't create any political trouble.

Saskatchewan government also provide very few amounts of grant for the study. To achieve a degree one had to earn and save money first then they can try to get any degree. Or can ask loan from the bank, which they had to return with interest. This is not encouraging to look for more education.

In Ontario, the education scenario is totally different. Here, anyone can get a degree if they want. They can get grants and loans from the government easily. But again. They had to return only the loan with interest. I wish they could give all the money as a grant. At least remove all interest from the student loan. That would be encouraging for me to get more training and education. I don't take any loans, I don't like it. And I don't want to get involved with any "interest". Because of religious thought.

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