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Do you know someone who speaks a language all their own?

I do.

It is as if they sit down every morning, pull up the Urban Dictionary and use the Word of the Day multiple times in one sentence.

Now I understand the need to want to keep up on the modern lingo but you know, sometimes they just sound, how can I saw this, stupid.

For instance here is an example of one of their stimulating sentences....

Squo! She is a houso!
Translation: For real! She is broke!

I workin' today and feelin' meangry so peeps better scat!
I am working today and feeling annoyed so people should stay away!

Let me just say that she is Caucasian, in her 30's and a mother. I can't imagine what her kids go through. I am sure they say "What" quite a bit.

Out of all the people I know and am friends with I have never heard them say any of these words. The only time I have heard them is when I am watch The Bad Girls Club so that isn't say too much on the positive side.

A couple more daily favorites are Rack Out and Lewzer.

I seriously had to start looking these words up because I didn't have the faintest idea what they were saying.

Look, I use various jargon but at least people can understand what I am talking about. They don't look at me perplexed and then begin their Google search on what just came out of my mouth.

I guess I can look at it like a learning experience...expanding my urban vocabulary;-)

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