Schedules, Processes, Timelines. It’s Time to Simplify.

My life is based on a schedule. Most days, everything I do feels like it has to happen at a very specific time in order for me to get everything done. That’s what happens when life gets busy – you figure out a way to adapt so that you can actually check everything off of your list. Because, mom life, right?

Of course, that schedule ebbs and flows every week. In the morning, I list out everything I need to accomplish today – even on the weekends. Then I strategize in my head how to get it done. I know that I’ve got the most brain power in the morning, so that’s when I try to tackle the hard stuff. When Ricky’s home, we schedule our life around nap time. Even my household chores have a kind of schedule to them.

Yesterday, I tried to live off of that schedule. My floors didn’t get clean, you guys. I just walked upstairs to see that my kitchen floor is still in desperate need of a mopping. But I’ve now got my Monday night schedule planned…and it doesn’t include any time for mopping. Ack! What’s a girl to do??...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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