Security Guards Are an Indispensable Asset to Medical Facilities

You may have never considered it before, but hospitals require just as much security presence as the business next door.  Since, hospitals see hundreds of people in and out each day (whether outpatients, family members, volunteers, employees, or visitors) the sheer amount of traffic makes it an easy target to criminal activities to occur.  Hospitals are particularly vulnerable to theft and burglary due to their stockpiles of pain medications and high dollar equipment. 

Not to mention, the potential for violence perpetrated by an abusive spouse, patient, inmate, drug addict, psychiatric patient, etc.  Hence, it is important to the well-being of both staff and patients that a strong security presence is ready and available to secure and protect the day to day operations of the hospital and assist in emergency situations.  Security cameras can only go so far; thus, security guards are necessary to respond immediately when a dangerous situation occurs.  Continue reading to learn more about the many reasons hospital security guards are essential.

Security Guards Protect Employee Only Areas

Hospitals see a great deal of foot traffic every day.  There are many visitors going in and out, making it easy for a thief to slip in undetected.  Thus, security guards can make sure no one gets into restricted areas unless they have the proper credentials to do so.  Guards can verify the ID’s of medical staff, patients, and visitors, to ensure those in the hospital are permitted to be there.  Furthermore, they can guard points of access to ensure patients, visitors, or even medical staff that lack the credentialing to be in restricted areas are unable to sneak in.  This helps to prevent the theft of medication, private information, or equipment.

Security Guards Ensure Safety

The medical field can be a dangerous place to work.  An angry family member, abusive spouse, thief, or patient may become violent and need restrained.  A security guard on site allows these situations to be handled quickly before the violence escalates further and someone is seriously harmed.  Not to mention, a security presence can deter criminals from attempting theft knowing it is likely they will be caught and apprehended.

Security Guards Stop Criminals

Hospitals are open all day every day.  Thus, it is easy for those with less than pure intentions to think of hospitals as easy targets.  Afterall, they assume sneaking in after hours or blending in with visitors won’t be very difficult.  Vandalism is a common crime that occurs in hospitals during the evening hours.  While vandalism is serious, an even bigger concern is criminals who are able to steal medication.  However, the most frightening crime imaginable is those who look to abduct sick or newborn children from the place that should be safest.  With such high stakes, it is absolutely critical that your hospital has a skilled team of security guards well versed in the unique needs of hospital security.

Security Guards Maintain Points of Entry

Security guards also known as concierge doorman security can monitor those who enter and exit your facility.  They can detect those who may be trying to bring in prohibited items, leave with a child or piece of equipment.  Guards can access and determine if a person seems suspicious, stopping them to further investigate when necessary.

Consider the many benefits of hospital security guards for the safety of those inside!

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