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Selecting The Best Diamond Stud Earrings

All women love diamond regardless of their age, preference or choices. So, if you are looking for the best gift for your lady then buying Stud Earrings could be the best decision. But if you have no idea how to buy it, then you are at right place. Let’s get started with the tips about selecting the best diamond stud earrings for women.



Color of Diamond

The diamond color grade may range from D to Z. In this grading, D is the highest and Z is the lowest grade. D, E and F grade of diamonds are almost colorless, and they are highest in the range.  If you are buying the earrings as a gift and investment both, you should choose higher grade diamond for same. But if you just want to make it a beautiful gift, you can choose any Diamond between G to J range. The color difference is hardly notable, but it can help you save a lot of money.

Clarity of diamond

The clarity of the diamond is divided in several grades including flawless, internally flawless, slightly include 1 and 2, etc. For investment purpose choosing flawless or internally flawless diamond is good. But if you want to have beautiful stud earrings for your woman, you can choose SI1 or SI2 diamond. Its flaws are not visible and you will get beautiful earrings at an affordable price.


Cut of Diamond

Diamond cut is divided into several grades out of which excellent is the best, then come very good, good, followed by fair and poor. If you want to choose nothing but the best, then you should choose Excellent cut for the earrings. In general, going with a good cut for diamond stud earrings will give a stunning look and value for your money.

Size of diamond

The size of the diamond selected for studs earrings depends on individuals choice. If you chose the low cut, low clarity, and lower grade color diamond, make sure you choose smaller diamonds for the better result. If you want bigger size in the diamond, then you need to raise your level in the above section as well.

Setting of diamond

There are several types of settings available for diamond studs earring, out of them bezel and prong settings are the most popular one. If you chose the bigger diamond and wanted to secure your diamond firmly, then you should go ahead for the bezel settings. When you chose smaller diamonds with lesser grades, then choose prongs setting. It is easy to break, but it will keep the entire stone visible. Also, you will have fewer reasons to worry about the damage.

Metal for earrings

For the metal of your earring, you can choose yellow gold, white gold, or platinum depending on the budget. Also, when you choose gold, make sure you ask about the presence of nickel in impurity. Some people may have allergy with it. Keeping these factors in mind can help you get better results.


Along with all these factors, it is also important that you choose a seller wisely.  If you are buying it online make sure you choose a seller that shows real photos, communicate properly with you and gives you the assurance of quality in every condition. Buying this diamond ring with these precautions in mind will help you get the perfect diamond studs for your woman.


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