Semi-Permanent Make-Up – Avoiding Low-Grade Service Providers

For those with an interest in semi-permanent make-up in Wirral, the options have never been more abundant. Thanks largely to ever-increasing access to the latest technology and indeed the marketing marvel that is the internet, more semi-permanent make-up clinics and private practitioners are going into business every month than ever before. Not only this, but the results the very best in the business are coming up with are so incredibly impressive that more Brits than ever before are actively considering semi-permanent make-up for themselves.

At the same time however, this extraordinary abundance of clinics and practitioners has made it easier than ever before for lower-end semi-permanent make-up services to make their way to the market. Indeed, at first glance it can be very difficult to identify the differences between a genuinely world-class clinic and something of a rogue trader – when it comes to semi-permanent make-up, the importance of avoiding the latter requires little explanation.

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick introduction to just a few of the warning signs to be aware of which could well indicate that the clinic/practitioner you’re looking at is in fact one to be avoided:

1 – Unimpressive Websites

First of all, these days it is relatively simple and inexpensive to build and maintain a consummately professional and well-presented website. As such, when and where you come across a website that is unprofessional, incomplete or in any way unimpressive, this can usually be interpreted as a sign of the brand’s approach to its line of work in general.  Think of it a little as if you were walking into a clinic – would you go ahead of the place was a mess and clearly run by amateurs?

2 – Lack of Information

As any professional in the semi-permanent make-up industry would agree, there’s nothing in the world that matters more than providing clients and prospective patients with as much information as possible. And not only is it important to provide information, but also to ensure that all information provided is 100% balanced and accurate. This can therefore represent another effective test to carry out during the provider screening process – is there plenty of information available for clients to study, or does the site leave you with more questions than answers?

3 – Pushy Pitches

One of the most important rules across the semi-permanent make-up industry and the cosmetic surgery industry in general is that of never, ever under any circumstance try to push or persuade clients that any given procedure is for them.  Instead, professional practitioners will only ever provide their clients with all the information they need to make their own informed decisions, with absolutely no pushiness or overly-ambitious sales-pitch to speak of. The decision must always be 100% that of the client, with no influence whatsoever from the provider.

4 – Hurried Approach

The same also goes for those who are in the habit of rushing their clients into making decisions. As semi-permanent make-up represents a procedure that can and will have a long lasting effect on both the person’s overall look and their confidence, it’s not the kind of thing that should be rushed into without careful thought and consideration. This is something that every professional working within the industry is fully aware of, therefore when and where clients are in any way hurried by their respective service providers, it is a pretty sure-fire sign that these are not the providers to work with. Whether it takes an hour, a day, a week or even several months to decide, you and you alone should do the deciding.

5 – Suspiciously Low Prices

The simple fact of the matter is that as the very best semi-permanent make-up products and technology on the market tend to be rather on the expensive side, the highest quality semi-permanent make-up services cannot be expected to be offered free of charge. And the same also goes for the involvement of industry-leading semi-permanent make-up professionals, who also aren’t cheap. As such, when and where you come across any given semi-permanent make-up business that claims to be offering market-leading services for prices that are exponentially lower than all other top-tier brands on the market, chances are it is indeed far too good to be true.

6 – Absent or Negative Feedback

Last but not least, it’s of absolutely critical importance to look into the reputation and background of any given semi-permanent make-up brand or provider before going ahead. This means taking a good look at the feedback and reviews left by past and current customers, which in the case of an established and experienced provider should be readily available and abundant. By contrast, if you find yourself coming across reviews that are negative, appear to be fabricated or are pretty much absent from the equation entirely, you might want to think about taking your business elsewhere. 

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