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I try my best to keep my phone at bay when I am present with my son. This includes ignoring the noises that it makes and the list of things I don't know in the moment that I want to look up. But, I can say that I am more fully engaged in things like dinner time, games and other family-based activities.

This is not easy, and it is definitely a habit that I've build up over time. Thankfully, my son is old enough that he can weigh in on the subject and tell me if he thinks I shouldn't be on the phone. (Happily, this statement doesn't come out of his mouth very often).

I read a lot about technology's interference with relationships, especially families. And yes: It is damaging.

Trying to capture another adult's attention when they are staring at their screen - even if they are just looking something up really quickly or answering a text - is frustrating. So, I can't imagine how frustrating it is for a child to try and get their parent's attention. Unfortunately - as most parents know - when our children want our attention, they will act out to get it.

And who can blame them?

What rules do you have about the use of your devices during time spent with family? Share them in the comments.

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