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I believe that, if you get training or learn anything, that won’t get waste. In your life, somehow it will help you, directly or indirectly. Let me give you an example. In my school there was a subject on sewing. It most schools there is nothing like that. May be principals don’t think its necessary. But trust me, this simple class helps me a lot. Generally, I don’t throw out cloths unless its not fixable.

I didn’t know that anybody noticed me doing this or not. But one day I was talking with my younger brother about his trousers. I told him that it tore too much, you must give it up. He replied, off course not, you can fix it. After passing long time, I was talking with my son that I need some new dresses to wear at home. He replied, why? you can fix your old ones.

Now a day I became so busy that I can’t make time for sewing. There are now piles of cloth to fix. I am trying to make some time for those dresses.

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