Shellac Nail Polishes – Take The Nail Care To The Next Level!

One of the most crucial aspects of a woman’s daily beauty care regimen is her hands and fingers. They need to take utmost care of their fingernails and hands so that they can stay beautiful and confident. There is nothing more turning off than the sign of unkempt, ugly fingernails. Now the most common approach of maintaining good looking and healthy nails are nail paints. These paints are basically mild chemicals that help prevent chipping off of the nails and keep them in good shape and health. Shellac nail color is one of the latest products available in the fashion world and is already creating tons of buzz. What is it that Shellac contains which is making a lot of women switch to this product over the regular nail color?

Take nail care to the next level with Shellac!

This is an invention of the popular nail cosmetic brand Creative Nail Designs, Shellac nail color happens to be a revolutionary product that promises various benefits over conventional nail paints. A patented technology, Shellac nails offer you with unique advantage of having problem free nails for more than two weeks! You can apply it every fortnight and then forget about the several issues which others merely fail to address. Your nails are not going to chip off, the polish will stay on for long and the shine is not going to smudge. Some women even state that the nail color could last even more than 14 days.

So what really makes Shellac color different than regular nail care products? They secret lies in the patented formula of this product. It is generally a carefully studied combination of gel based polish along with normal nail color. This mixture gives the polish its exclusive properties. The way in which you can apply this color to your nails is also not the same. There are three different layers which you have to apply, the base coast, the color cost and then is the top coat. After you have applied the nail color, you have to keep your hands under a single UV lamp for sometime till each layer sets accurately.

The best part here is that if you get bored of the Shellac nail color, you can easily get rid of shellac nail polish yourself. All you have to do here is to apply some acetone to the nails and then wipe it off. Moreover, there are several different colors for you to choose from so you can never get bored of it!

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