This is my first post of 2011...everyone else seems to be writing about their New Years resolutions. I don't really like New Year resolutions. They seem silly, if your going to do something just do it already, why would it being a new year help you? If you couldn't get your crap together yesterday the ball dropping in Time's Square isn't going to help you. In light of my bad attitude about New Year resolutions I am going to share things I was going to do anyway regardless of it now being 2011.
So...I need to finish unpacking all the little things, organize the cupboards & shelves and decorate. And my major goal is to make friends. I'm sure there's someone out there who lives close to me who would want a new friend...I just have to find her! I'm not great at making new friends (refer to the "Socially Awkward" post) but I must or else I'll go insane sitting around the house with my kids.

Since I have no friends and I'm bored I went shopping today at the Salvation Army. Not because I really need to save money but because after living in Nicaragua it's hard to see all the "stuff" and how much money we spend on new things. I am having a hard time dropping 15 dollars on a dress that my four year old will grow out of in a year, it just seems so wasteful. I can't help but think of the people in Nicaragua who's jaw's would drop if they knew how much money I spent on shoes when the same amount would feed their family for days.
So now I'm the cheap mom who says "there are poor people in Nicaragua, we are buying second hand clothes!" Not that my kids have any idea or care whatsoever.

When I had finished shopping we went over to check out and there was a little old lady running the cash register. She had the typical old lady gray curly hair (is there nothing else to do with your hair once your over 75??) and glasses that where half way down her nose. She was moving at the speed of molasses in the winter and seemed like a rather sweet Grandma.
When it was my turn I started helping her take the hangers out of the clothes (anything to get things moving) and she said "your a busy mom" I smiled and said "ya, I am" (as always, I come up with brilliant responses). Then she said "I have a great-granddaughter, she's three years old".
This is where I was waiting for her to say how fun and adorable her great-granddaughter was but instead she said "She's an amazon! If her mom brought her in here, she'd be hanging off the lights!" "She can't even take her shopping!" (awkward laugh from me) "Her mom feeds her to many much chocolate...chocolate milk!"
At this point I'm imagining an amazon child running around out of of control with chocolate all over her face drinking vats of chocolate milk...and I think this lady had the same view of her precious great-grandchild.
I didn't dare ask this sweet old lady what she thought of my little amazons.

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