Last week I decided to get rid of all the girls clothes that no longer
fit and give them away. Ashlyn was curious about where all her clothes
were going...especially her shoes (so young and already loves shoes!). I
explained to her the shoes didn't fit anymore and even though she
loved playing in them there were people who can't afford to buy shoes
and really need them. She seemed satisfied with my answer and even
talked about it a few times when we went to put our shoes on.

Yesterday we went for a walk and there was a street kid walking around
who did not have any shoes on. My girls noticed right away that he had
no shoes on and asked why he wasn't wearing any. I was able to explain
these people do not have the money to buy shoes and since we have money
to buy shoes we need to help those who do not. They seemed really
excited about this and now every time they see a street kid they talk
about shoes and ask me if we give shoes to them!
I am so glad to live in Nicaragua where my children can grow up seeing
the need in the world and learn to respond by blessing others since we
have been so blessed!

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