Old shoes, made new? That's right! Imagine having a great pair of shoes that no longer have their pizazz, and having them turned in to a one-of-a-kind creation of art! Through the great social networking channel of Twitter, I have discovered, Shoes of Imagination!

Vicki Seawell, owner and founder of Shoes of Imagination, will bring your favorite old shoes back to life again. Not using any stencils or utensils, Vicki will take your vision, sketch a bit on paper, and then hand-paint your shoes into a brilliant masterpiece.

When I first read and discovered Shoes of Imagination, all I could think was, "WOW!". Is this not every shoe lover's dream? Not only will she hand paint your old shoes in to an original and unique work of art, she will repair and fix them, if necessary.

Vicki will ship anywhere and prices range from $65 - $500.
Have a pair of shoes in mind that you want to have "made-over"?
Visit for more information.

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