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Toy’s that kids can ride in or on have been famous from the days of wooden rocking horses all the way to present’s more advanced, high-end electric cars for kids. Over past few decades, the market for a powered ride on cars has explored more with new features, styles, technology, and gadget etc. This exposure becomes a great option for kids. You become surprised how they pretend as if they are all mature enough and can manage their own work. You have the capacity to enhance the system by getting your kid’s first baby RC car, an electric car. In a way, they become self-propelled, making them an exciting challenge to master.

You’ll feel why and when the wind pass via your kid’s face and a big smile are spread on his face. Simply, an electric car is that first step your kid’s need for a pace in his lifespan.

Now, let’s take a closer view about electric car story,

What are Electric Cars?

Electric cars are cars which use electricity for power, so they don’t need petrol. It is one of the types of transportation that didn’t use human or horsepower. Lighter weight and efficient batteries can keep the cars running. The vast majority of electric car batteries are either 6v or 12v. The battery can affect the car speed and how long a toy can be used. Some electric cars can give you an estimate of how far they can go that day?

Electric Cars-Styles

As with any cars, there are many varieties for children. There are distinct models and styles of electric cars for baby can choose from.

Cars: Among the styles of electric cars, a car is one of the popular types for kids. Especially for smaller kids, because they are low to the ground and have enough models to choose from. Younger and smaller kids need to be a little bit safer that’s why it quite nice option for baby RC car lovers.

SUVs & Trucks: The most typical example of the quality and class of the electric cars for kids is available in classic jeep style. In electric ride-on toys, SUVs and truck are more popular because of diversity available on their products. These tend to be bigger than cars and usually can seat more than one person which makes them great fun for kids and their siblings or friends.

ATVs: Adults love their ATVs so it’s no wonder kids love them too. It’s a style of electric ride-on and considers the most versatile styles of all. It’s only the style that is available for all age group from under 2 years – early teenage.

Farm and Construction Equipment: Electric cars are not limited to the motor vehicles; they are also available in heavy and farm models. Many of these models have added the fun of working with diverse items like loaders and trailers. With large wheels, they are great for outside on gravel, grass, and dirt. Also it’s featuring a large, electric operated font-end bucket for loading and dumping anything.

Go Karts & Dune Buggies: This style of cars just crosses the line between Cars and ATVs. Typically made of plastic, this smaller version is for younger kids are classified as Dune Buggies. It has 2 speeds, one is power-lock braking system and another is an open cockpit. On the contrary, go-karts are for older kids.

Non-categorized and Unique: This style can catch up all categories. There are a sheer number of unique models available. So if you want something out of the norm, then you can check this.

Electric Cars-Brands

As with toys, many manufacturers are from all over the world but it’s important where the electric cars are coming from to assure you are getting a quality product. From the wide range of manufacturer, top three of them are highlighted below,

Power Wheels: Without any doubt, the number one brand for electric cars is Power Wheels. It’s a brand of the Fisher-Price toy company that is a part of Mattel Corporation. They produce large lineup toys which covering all styles and ages. As one of the highest recognized the brand, they only are known for produce highest quality electric cars.

ZH:  An Asian based toy company is ZH, another player to dominate the market from Shenzhen Zhehua Technology. Though they are lesser known, they have some exclusive and luxury car manufacturer deals that others don’t have.

Peg Perego: An Italian based baby products manufacturer who made both electric and pedal toys is Peg Perego. Their products are bit costly, but they assure the highest quality products.

Electric Cars- Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Electric cars are very quiet, no pollution and no smell from exhausted gases.
  2. They have the ability to flat-out-run.
  3. A smaller and efficient battery can provide the car a better range


1 Battery can’t store a lot of energy.

  1. Rechargeable batteries require a long time, sometimes many hours to recharge.

Wrapping up

Electric car sometimes works for the fashion industry, bring back an old fashion, make it new and a vogue is born. This time, though, it’s an automotive industry looking for the kind of lifestyle that can bring baby RC car or electric car sales back from the dead. From past–present situation, electric car toys for baby create their place on high-end cars. Even their demands among kids and teenagers force the manufacturers to upgrade them with the latest technology.

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