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Super Noah is my little Superstar! He is only four years old & he can read & write. He also can count to 100 without pausing.

He amazes me!

Give him a pack of crayons & some paper, he is entertained for hours.

His work is impressive!

I save all of it & I take pictures of what cannot be saved.

This is Super Noah's work & only his work, I would mention if I helped him (o:

Super Noah likes to draw funky letters. Do you see the A & the B?

Daddy & Mommy driving (o:

Super Noah on Halloween (o:

This one is a little more interesting (o: This is Super Noah & his oldest brother Super Zachary on Halloween. They are dressed as kings & have crowns on their heads. Super Zachary is screaming 'Noah' & Super Noah is saying 'what?' (I was totally impressed with his question mark usage). Super Jacob is in the corner dressed as Little Red Riding Hood saying 'Noah's Book' (I was also totally impressed with his apostrophe, used at the correct time, to show ownership ... so proud). I think Super Noah likes to annoy Super Jacob as much as Super Jacob likes to annoy Super Noah ... that was why he giggled when I asked why Super Jacob was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood (o:

Now ... should I be concerned that he drew tiny p****'s on himself & Super Zachary or should Jacob be concerned that he did not get a tiny p****? I am not sure if I should be proud or be embarrassed, but this had Superdad & I in stitches!

Life As Supermom ~

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