Should Moms Play Video Games With Their Kids?

Even though kids are no longer in school for the summer and it is supposed to be a pleasant time for them, boredom quickly sets in. Moms frequently complain about their kids’ boredom and lack of activities on forums and social media. It can be challenging for mothers to come up with activities for their kids on a continual basis; nevertheless, they do not just want to rely on screen time since they want to encourage their kids to get outside and engage in physical activity.

While this is crucial, if screen time is used properly, it can also be helpful. You should allow kids to play video games this month as July is the National Anti-Boredom Month, while July 8, in particular, is the National Video Game Day. Even though it was established in the USA first, it honors the occasion all over the world and provides children with entertainment. Mom could think about settling in with her kids and enjoying video games too.

Moms should play video games alongside their kids for a variety of reasons, and there are even possibilities that are enjoyable for both mom and kid.

Spending Quality Time

Playing video games with your kids might be a terrific way to spend time together, according to CNN’s research in 2019. Parents might be wary of using time on screen as quality family time, but when utilized properly, screens are not necessarily harmful. Mom is communicating with her children in their language while she plays video games with them. 

Her engagement in their activities could strengthen the bond between parents and children. Contrary to how reality generally operates, if it is a video game that a mom is unfamiliar with, it also gives her child the opportunity to educate her about anything by which you will make your child feel important.

Learning Skills

When we contemplate console games, we generally take what they teach about working as a team at face value without actually digging deeper. Our kids play video games alone most of the time, so when mom takes a seat and plays with them, they have to concentrate on playing with other than just themselves or not only against the machine anymore. Depending on the game, this can educate them a lot about cooperation to solve difficulties.

It Can Be Fun

Video games may be enjoyed at any age, and Forbes suggested way back in 2013 that mothers should play them with their children. Mom might be skeptical, but if she joins her kid in playing a video game, she might start to see some things. She might begin to understand that they are experiencing a great moment that is creating a memory while laughing together, conversing, bonding, and sharing in it.

These are sufficient arguments to support the notion that we ought to use video games to engage with our kids. At the end of the day, what all parents want is for their children and us to bond by playing video games together.

Moments of Teaching

There have been some games that are played that parents can disagree with being suitable for kids, and they are often violent games. There are, nevertheless, some teachable moments there. Discussions on the differences between video games and actual reality can take place if a youngster wishes to play a game that, for instance, includes fighting aliens or zombies.

Even mom can use them to discuss mental health. If a child’s anger or frustration is being released through the villains in video games, discuss what these figures are.

Which Game Is Appropriate?

There is now a ton of variety in the video game market, which has grown significantly. Mom might recall playing video games when she was a child, though they may not always be as well-known. Some of those games have endured the test of time. It is claimed that titles like Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros, and Mario Kart are still available and are rather simple for kids to play even if they have never done so before.

Even while a mom may not be acquainted with a certain game of her kid’s choice, it is all about teamwork and provides a wonderful opportunity for her to listen to and learn from her child; e.g. games like Minecraft can also be highly popular. She might be taken aback by how proficient her youngster is at the game. Then again, there are always goofy and entertaining games like Just Dance. This game is a terrific option for a soggy day and a way to add some exercise to screen time. Mom will soon be laughing along with her child before she realizes it. On the other hand, ages 13 and up are the target audience for some other video games, such as Fortnite. That is because of the action violence and open chat. Not just Fortnite, which is a global phenomenon and can be even bet on by visiting operators at, but almost every game that became an eSport is not for kids. This is a point you should be starting from as a parent when it comes to allowing your children which game to play and which not.  

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