Recently, someone asked me a great question - Why does a wedding need a theme?

Well, the easy answer is that it doesn't, but having one makes it just that more exciting if done properly and tastefully. In fact, the truth is that almost all wedding have a theme.

The theme of a wedding is whatever aspect is used to pull it all together. The most wildly used themes are colors and flowers. For example, my first wedding had a fuchsia theme. We brought in pops of color with the hot pink to create the look the bride was looking for which created a unified feeling. Today, many brides are choosing to go for more unique and personal themes for a number of reasons, and those are generally what you think of when you hear "wedding theme" Themes like Tiffany Blue, Diamonds and Pearls, Princess/Cinderella, and others. Yes, themes can be tacky and just plain outright awful if done too many times.However, a well done theme can make a regular wedding completely unique and unforgettable.

Benefits of planning a themed wedding:

- Coordination: When all aspects of the wedding are planned around one central theme, even if it is just in color, it creates a much more coordinated look that flows from one area to the next nicely and adds to the elegance of the occasion. It also breaks up the monotony in doing just the traditional wedding. It brings another element and feel to the wedding.

- Personality: Weddings today are reflections of the couple, their relationship and their personalities. Many people are choosing themes that play out on those aspects of their own lives in order to add more personals touch. For example, a couple who met on the beach may want to do a Beach Theme to remember that special night on the beach when they got engaged. Another couple, who are basketball fans may want to have a sports themed wedding because of the love of the game and it being the place where they met.

- Preference: Sometimes, brides will pick a theme just simply because they want to. The couple might want to focus on a theme that appealed to them in an article that they read. It is really all up to what the couple personal taste of preference is.

- Setting The Mood - A theme can also help set the mood and tone for an event. For example, a Diamond theme or Black and White theme will most likely lead to a very formal, very elegant affair. A sports or beach theme is most likely going to lead to a much more informal, casual fun wedding. It all depends on the couples preference.

So, the question remains- Do you need a theme? yes,it just depends on how you interpret what that means to you.If want to focus on the colors of your wedding or if you want to put more of a personal touch to it such as things you like or your heritage,it is all up to you and what means more.

When it comes down to it - yes, you do need a theme but you get to decide what that means. If you wish to plan your wedding around the wedding colors you have picked out and carry that through as your central theme, that is perfect. If you prefer to go the next step with a more personalized theme, then make sure you try to get all the elements that will really make your themed wedding one of a kind. In other words " Think Outside of the Box"

Here are some themed wedding ideas that I found.

African safari – Make the wilds of Africa part of your themed wedding. Have animal print tablecloths, guests in safari attire, African food and music, safari themed centerpieces and favors.

Alice in Wonderland – Bring elements of this Lewis Carroll fairytale into your themed wedding. Why not have a tea party? Use Alice in Wonderland character cut outs such as the White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat in your décor. Have the groom dress as the Mad Hatter.

Angel – Bring a celestial charm to your wedding. Cherubs in all shapes and sizes can be used as a motif for all your wedding related decor.Aquatic - Since beach weddings are so popular this is one of the most common themed wedding ideas. Even if you aren’t getting married at the beach or on a boat you can still use elements of the sea in your wedding.

Baseball – Some baseball enthusiasts love the sport so much that they tie the knot on a baseball diamond. If you don’t want to go that far, you can still use baseball as your wedding theme by incorporating this sport into your wedding. Give baseball shaped chocolates as favors, and have your wedding cake made in the shape of a bat and ball. You could even dress the part, and encourage guests to do the same.

Carnival - Still a kid inside? Fun theme wedding ideas are to rent carnival games, cotton candy machines, snow cone makers, and other fun items to give your wedding the feeling of a carnival. One thing is for sure: kids will love it.

Cars – Are you and your partner car buffs? Why not make cars part of your wedding theme? Arrive in your favorite car (this might be a ‘69 Mustang rather than a traditional limousine). Use model cars in your décor and have the wedding cake made in the shape of a car.

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