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Shouldn't we be protecting our children?!

There is great concern, bordering on hysteria about the swine flu/ H1N1 virus spreading across the country and beyond and the battle over who should and shouldn’t get the vaccine. Pregnant women are getting mixed messages and several hundred (already suffering) kids have passed away from the flu, as they do each year. Rightfully so, everyone is worried about the children and what they should do to protect them.

There is great concern about child abduction. There have been terribly horrific stories of young children being taken and abused or worse. There have even been some “near misses” here in our small community. Rightfully so, everyone is worried about the children and what they should do to protect them.

There is great concern about Fire Safety this week at my kids’ school and probably yours too as they mark Fire Safety Week. House fires are a tragedy no one wants to fall victim to. Our children learn to Stop Drop and Roll and to get out of the house immediately without regard to toys or pets.Again, rightfully so, everyone is worried about the children and what they should do to protect them.

Tonight in my home there is great concern about a six year old girl fighting for her life but realistically saying goodbye to her family. She has battled a rare germ cell cancer for the past 3 plus years. It has been an unbelievable harrowing roller coaster ride for her and her family. She has been sick then well then sick then well … it has been such torture for her parents and brothers who are also taken on the nauseating ride.

We have seen it time and time again. So many of my daughter’s friends are no longer here with us. She is seven and yet has had more of her friends die than I probably ever will. Ironically the cancer that is taking Victoria now is the same that took another perfect princess. Krista was Julia’s fellow Diva in New York and Victoria shared her throne with her here in North Carolina. Two truly beautiful Princess Warriors lost to the same disease.

FORTY SIX families got the news today … just TODAY … that their child has cancer. I know this sounds like just another statistic and, let’s face it, it is! But today 46 kids were diagnosed with cancer. I am sure in the past year alone many of you have been touched personally by some child or their story of battling this disease. No one wants to be in this exclusive club of Cancer Families… I certainly didn’t! The truth is, we have no choice! It finds us.

For the vast majority of those children that have got the Swine Flu, mine being one of them, they suffered from flu-like symptoms (Hello! It’s the flu!) for several days and then moved on. We all know someone who has had it or maybe you have had it yourself. How many people do you know that have died from it? The fear of abduction is palpable and horrific for those families that have gone through it, but how many do you know personally? House fires are a tragedy and each community has probably had their share of them and I know many loved ones have been lost to them. I am thinking most of us do not know too many affected by them however.

So why is it that all of the passion and press, hence the funding, goes to these causes while pediatric cancer, which seems to touch us all in one form or another, continues to have to fight for every bit of attention we can get?
September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. How much Gold did you see? This is Breast Cancer Awarenss Month and pink is everywhere!
Do I sound angry? Hurt? You bet I am! When you spend time with these families as we all struggle to keep our kids alive and make sure they are at the very least, having a childhood at all costs you form a bond. These families are part of my family. We are on big dramatic, often dysfunctional family. We are a family that keeps losing our children from the same damn disease and no matter how loudly we scream or how hard we cry no one seems to be listening!

Please pass the word that children are dying daily from cancer and THAT is our national emergency. Wear a Gold Ribbon in support. Get generous and fund research or get those that have the funds to do so. is a good place to start. Tell anyone that you know, write letters and emails to those that are making decisions. Do you know anyone in the media? Tell them how tired you are of money and resources being wasted on inciting fear and panic and not curing or treating anything!

Everyone should be worried about the children and what they can do to protect them. Why aren’t they?

Peace to Victoria and her family tonight.


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Comment by Kathy on October 28, 2009 at 11:12pm
Thank you Rebecca and to all of those who have supported me and my family during my daughter's 5 year battle. She is a two time survivor of cancer at a mere 7 years of age. We are blessed.
Comment by Rebecca Wear Robinson on October 28, 2009 at 3:40pm
A passionate plea for such a worthy cause. Mothers everywhere should unite to help the world's children. I have a friend whose son is, blessedly, a cancer survivor. I could feel their anguish from a long distance. No mother ever wants to outlive her child - surely we can mobilize to direct research and care in the right direction.

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