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Sidewalk Chalk: It's Not Just For Drawing

I buy a lot of sidewalk chalk. We use it to leave art for the neighbors to enjoy in the driveway, we use it to keep score when playing games like the washer game, and we use it for exercise. Hopefully you weren’t envisioning us doing bicep curls with the portly pieces of chalk, that’s not exactly how we use it for exercise, but it’s a funny thought. We use the chalk to set up challenges to follow or guidelines that dictate the play.


Let me offer you some ideas of how to use your sidewalk chalk to get the family moving:

Chalk ladder: This one is pretty self explanatory, draw two parallel lines for a decent length (6-10 feet), connect the two parallel lines with the with perpendicular lines creating a ladder out of chalk. Once the ladder is drawn it’s time for the drills:

 -One foot inside ladder, one foot outside, running through the ladder with high knees

-Both feet inside, run through ladder with high knees

-Enter ladder sideways, step together step together, WITHOUT stepping on the lines

-Bunny hop through the ladder

Obstacle course: This idea has lots of different variations you can run with but here are a few to get you started:

-3 circles in a row that you hop through, an “S” line that is for tightrope heel-toe steps, small circles for tippy toe steps, stars drawn on the ground that you bend down and touch, and a rectangle that you finish and wiggle in

-Extended hopscotch: more squares to hop into with either one foot, two feet together, to two feet apart, be sure to add a swirly circle at the end to celebrate your victory at making it through the hopscotch...For more activities and plans for drawing them out please visit me here at Kids Yoga Coach Blog

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