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Silk and other types of nail wraps for women with weak and brittle nails

Have you ever spoken to a woman who has to manage her weak, dry, and brittle nails? If yes, then you'll know how tough it is to keep weak nails in good shape. Sometimes, women who pride themselves in having the "best" fingernails, often have to work a lot to keep their nail shape and texture in place.

What’s the solution?

Nail reinforcements are the best solution. It is also known as nail wraps. Today, there are several kinds of nail wraps that are available. One of the popular types is silk nail wraps. It is one category that is popular with both the young and adult urban women.

Know a bit more on silk nail wraps

The silk nail wraps are perfect for women who have scrawny nails. If you are continually struggling with damaged, chipped and cracked nails, then a silk nail wrap will do you complete justice. The primary objective is to helps women enhance their nail strength. And looking gorgeous and stunning is a bonus.

When you are opting in for a silk nail wrap, you keep a synthetic reinforcement created using fiberglass or silk on the nail. All these little pieces get shaped into the size of the fingernail. It is applied using a sealant. The moment the sealant is dry, nail artists' sooth the wrap with buffer. Hence, at the end of the session, you have smooth, flawed and clean finish having a subtle sheen.

What makes silk nail wrap different from other variants?

Going by its nature, silk is lightweight and delicate. Silk also is known for very fragile. Hence, you shouldn’t be in a hyper-active lifecycle for some time after you’ve done a silk nail wrap. It is delicate than acrylic and few other synthetic materials. The silk nail wraps are a common fashion choice today. Most customers were of the opinion that these products worked great when they opted in for it’s from a reputed brand.

Other types of nail wrap

Sculptured nails

Here fiberglass, gel or acrylic gets applied to the fingernail. The material further gets increased and sculpted in foil or metal. Plastic is also used with glue. You can ask the nail wrap artist to attach a price to it. You can share your creative ideas with your nail art artist.

Acrylic nails

It is one of the most extended nail art forms. And, it also keeps the nails very strong. However, acrylic might appear artificial but is suitable for women who want their nail wraps filled at an interval of every two or three weeks. 


The manicurists make use of a device for sculpting your nail and then set it under UV Light. Hence, gel nails might get filled less frequently as compared to acrylic nails. However, the fill-ins are an absolute necessity. Also, it’s essential for the professionals to remove the tips. The gel acrylic nail wrap can be applied fast, and it looks the best as well. Using this wrap, you can stay without a polish. Furthermore, this won't make your nails appear fake at all.

The nail art industry is expanding and evolving with every passing day. If you are new to nail wraps, you can just go ahead with silk nail wraps. And if you want to dabble on variety, then you can you try out the sculptured, gel and acrylic nail wraps as per your preference.

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