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Simple hacks on how to descale your shower head

A scaled shower head can lower the amount of water that goes through properly or cause the water to come out in all directions. You can use either natural products or synthetic products to dissolve the formed scale. The scaling can be caused by using hard water for showering or water in the shower head when you turn off the shower. Hard water contains more calcium than soft water that precipitates, and blocks the openings of a shower head. Shower head pores that are blocked by scale can lead to a very unsatisfying shower experience. Consequently, getting yourself acquainted with a few hacks on how to descale a shower head is paramount.  There are professional and do-it-yourself tips that are a perfect fit for your descaling shower head needs. These include:

1. Descaling the shower head using vinegar.

Vinegar is a common ingredient that is made up of acetic acid and other trace compounds. Additionally, it can be used as a disinfectant and a descaling agent. The affordable price of vinegar makes it an ideal choice.

The stepwise procedure for descaling a shower head using vinegar is:

  • Disconnect the shower head from the hose.
  • Pour 100ml of white vinegar into a bucket or sink and fill with water.
  • Immerse the entire shower head into the bucket or sink.
  • Leave it to soak for 24 hours.
  • Rinse the shower head properly with running water from a tap.
  • Dry your shower head entirely and fix it back onto the hose.
  • Enjoy a comfortable shower experience.

2. Descaling a shower head using baking soda.

Besides cooking, baking soda has versatile uses such as eliminating foul odours and removing tough stains, not to mention cleaning demanding microwave and oven areas and descaling a shower head. 

The step-by-step guide for descaling a shower head using baking soda follows:

  • Remove the shower head from the hose.
  • Put three tablespoons of the soda into a bucket or sink.
  • Pour warm water into the bucket or sink to the brim.
  • Immerse the shower head fully into the bucket.
  • Leave it for soak for 24 hours
  • Rinse the shower head with running warm water.
  • Dry it thoroughly and connect it back to the hose.

3. Descaling the shower head using HG scale removers.

HG descaling products are HG scale away foam spray and HG Professional limescale remover. These are expert products formulated primarily for removing the limescale that clogs your shower head. Therefore, they offer better efficiency and a faster descaling period compared to vinegar and baking soda. 

How to descale using HG scale away foam spray

  • Disconnect the shower head from the hose.
  • Spray it with the foam spray.
  • Leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse the shower head with running water, leave it to dry, or wipe the foam spray with a moist cloth.
  • Connect the shower head back to the hose.

How to descale using HG professional limescale remover

  • Disconnect the shower head from the nose.
  • Dilute the limescale remover into a bucket with water.
  • Soak the shower head in the bucket for 30 minutes.
  • Clean the shower head with a brush and dry it with a dry cloth.
  • Reattach the shower head to the hose.

Partying shot 

The scaling of a shower head renders a very uncomfortable experience. Also, it may damage your shower head, creating additional costs for frequent repairs. Therefore, you can take measures to reduce the frequency and quantity of scale that are formed. These include:

  • Use of water softeners such as ammonia and slaked lime in the tank that supplies the shower plumbing system. They react chemically with calcium in the hard water preventing the formation of scale, which is calcium carbonate
  • Drying of shower head after use. Since the water that remains on the showerhead freezes and blocks the pores. Drying the shower head can prevent scaling.
  • Consider cleaning your shower head with warm water and a brush.

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