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I should tell Jimmy to send Malia a thank you note.

Because what was once the sister who locked me outside in the rain, is now the sister with the deep thoughts and solid advice. I think releasing your anger in childhood does something for your sense of peace as an adult. I should have learned from her....

Anyway, we've talked a lot about my issues in being a housewife. We have similar personalities in that we are both strong and independent. We are women, hear us roar.

But, in having the advantage of being on the outside of my marriage, she read my blog and then decided that I really needed her advice. (she's right, I always do.)

Then she spoke of some word she called, "compromise." Compromise? What is this "compromise" that she speaks of? It sounded like another language to me. Huh?

So, she tried her best to give me some examples of how that might work out, and some of them actually sounded quite manageable. See, she suggested. First she validated my feelings, agreed that of course I'm right, but then she ssuggested some ideas. She's good. Jimmy should take some notes.

And so, Jimmy and I are scheduling a "meeting" this upcoming weekend to discuss the roles and responsibilities of our home. We'll be picking and choosing and discussing. Oh yes, it will be so fun. And though, I will NEVER be the kind that cooks every night...there might be a thing called compromise happening.

So, thanks Malia. Without your deep thoughts, where would we be?

You may very well have saved our marriage.

*this has been a part of Tuesday's Tribute. For one day only, and I mean only, it's not entirely about me.*
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