Six perfect travel destinations for family vacations

Although traveling with children is not always a priority for some parents, this way of traveling actually has a few benefits we might not think about. First of all – many people become friendlier and smile more then they see little kids, so if you need some help from someone – you will get it easier. Second of all, if you travel with your children, you will get a chance to discover many places if not your kids. And sometimes those places are so cool you will be amazed!

Bellow you will find a short list of six best countries worth visiting with children. The information is prepared with the help of my new friends from Travel Ticker team, so let’s thank them for that and let’s head to the list!


Italy is just perfect. Here, any traveler can find everything that he or she wants – the country is famous for its culture, cuisine, fashion, architecture, history and so many other things it is hard to mention each and every one of them.

But family vacationers should also consider visiting Italy. Along with the chance to learn tons of information about history, arts and so on in thousands of museums in this country, you and your kids can also entertain yourself in the seaside and in the mountains, which are equipped with the best ski slopes, many exciting educational tracks and sightseeing spots kids will love. Also, since Italy is warm all year long, kids won’t get sick or cold there as well. Perfect!


If you have a few little animal lovers in your family, then this country is just perfect for them. The biggest part of world’s mammals is living freely in the huge green savannas here, so your kids will love every second spent in Kenya for sure.

Here you can meet elephants, lions, gazelles, hippos and every other animal your kids adore. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that in some Kenyan national parks, you can also find animal shelters where you and your children can pat Rhino, feed a giraffe, meet with chimpanzees, lions, elephants and other animals, and just have the best time of your life!


This is the real dream come true for all kids – Denmark is not only a homeland of the Hans Christian Anderson (the fellow who wrote so many fairytales) and the birthplace of many heroes but also a place there worldly famous LEGO was created!

So, because of these two great facts in Denmark, you can visit not only tons of museums about children’s fairy tales but LEGOLAND as well! Also, in a small town called Tivoli, you can visit the world’s oldest amusement park too. There is no need to say, that kids just simply love Denmark!


Although Iceland is pretty cold and far away, it is also worth considering this country as a family holiday destination. And there are at least a few good reasons why. First of all – beautiful panoramas all around. Geysers, hot springs, lava fields, glaciers, Europe's largest waterfalls, ocean coast, briefly verdant meadows, northern lights and summer nights sunshine - all in Iceland charms not only adults but children as well.

But Iceland can offer much more than just seeing their beautiful nature. Locals have made sure that families with young children also have a lot of adventures. So here you can ride horses, hunt elves, hike, watch whales and feel like real Icelanders. It is worth mentioning that because of the past economic crisis in Iceland food and services prices right now are pretty small, so it won’t be a total budget disaster to live here for a while.


For a tropical blast with your little ones, Thailand is the best. Despite the fact, that Thailand is best known as a party holiday destination, the other side of this country is actually very friendly with the children of traveling families. Everyone will love your kids in Thailand!

Even if it is a taxi driver or a street food vendor, you and your child probably will get discounts just because you are with kids! Moreover, everything else in this country is also perfectly adapted to family holidays - beautiful and calm beaches, the ability to canoe, meet real elephants, and beautiful tropical nature will be loved by you and your kids for sure. I guarantee!


Recently this small Caribbean island is getting a lot of attention from tourists. And that is nothing to be surprised by. Belize is very budget friendly and is just perfect for family holidays as well.

The calm, beautiful and fabulous beaches are just perfect to spend your time at with your children. Belize also offers a chance for kids to explore and learn about the local nature here too. So, don’t forget to stop by at local petting zoos there you can meet monkeys, sea turtles and also get to know real crocodiles and harmless sharks! Belize is just perfect for kids because there is a ton of activities to do here while parents will also enjoy this country because of its excellent beaches and relaxing atmosphere. 

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