Skin Care School Plus Body Merry Review

Skin is kinda my thing, I am a little more than obsessed with how skin works and reacts to internal and external substances. I believe that good skin starts from what you put in you in your body. Once you have figured out a diet that works for you. Meaning you and feel great and your skin looks AMAZING as a extra added benefit.

Then you can start to focus on skin care products that will help to repair the environmental damage that your skin has endured. Changing your diet is a lifestyle change. This simple change will absolutely heal your skin from the inside out. You will start to notice less fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. However, sometimes we need an extra boost to help the process along.

Over the 34 years that I have been around I have found what works for me. These are few skin care items that I always have in my arsenal are
Vitamin C
Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Hyaluronic Acid
These are all potent, proven ingredients that will help to reverse damage as well as help reverse the signs of aging.

I was looking around Tomoson the other day. This is a website that connects bloggers with businesses that have products would like you to try. If it is something that is interesting you can apply. I really like using this site to try out new skincare that my homemaker salary could not afford. I have found a few items that I have since reordered. It is a win, win all the way around.

When I came across Body Merry skincare Instantly interested. They have a Retinol and Vitamin C serum both with added Hyaluronic Acid in them.

Um, Hello. Yes this was something I wanted to try. I applied and they emailed me asking if I also wanted to try the eye cream. Yes I did. Thank you very much.

I have actually been getting tons of questions on Facebook and in person on recommendations for a good eye cream. Problem was I have been stuck on an eye cream by Chanel that has since been discontinued. I was on board to try all three. 

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