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"Skinny tastes better."

One of my Facebook acquaintances - a wife of one of our friends from college - had this posted as her status:

"____ is right.  Skinny really does taste better.  Thanks for showing me the way."
Common sense lead me to believe (and the conversation thread confirmed) that this meant that this particular acquaintance had begun eliminating all yummy things from her diet in hopes of attaining "skinny".  (More on "skinny" in a minute.)  To that, I say - really?  Skinny tastes better than -


or this?
or this?
 To that, I answer YEAH RIGHT.  I know that this particular person was probably stating that she feels better having lost some weight than one of these delicious treats would have made her feel for a few fleeting minutes.  That, I agree to.  However, it seems this was not the case.  By reading the rather long thread, she seemed a bit preachy to those who commented on her status stating how you can't have any bites of sugar if you are to attain perfection... Ha.  Okay.  I apologize for my rant, but really?  This particular person (and nothing against her, I'm just saying) has posted about 4 different diets in the past 2 months.  So... ehh?
Anyway, this post was really not meant to rag on this acquaintance.  I'm sure she is a lovely person despite what some have said about her... eek, there I go again... (I feel I have to mention that my monthly visitor is here and perhaps that's why I'm less than tactful today?).  Anyway, as I was saying, this post was not meant to rag on her - this post was actually just to be an update on my current get healthy regimen.  Then I just saw that post on Facebook and had to vent about it.  Again - ANYWAY...
Here's what I have been doing to feel/look/be better:
  • Jillian Michaels has continued kicking my butt.  As noted before, I find it so easy to fit her butt-whoopings into my schedule (see here).  I'm already rising to the Level 1's challenge of jumping squats.  For those of you that have done this particular work-out, I hope you'd agree that the jumping squats are the most challenging part.  I figure I will be ready for Level 2 soon...
  • No more soda.  I have not bought soda in 2 weeks.  I have not bought those flavored packets in 2 weeks.  I am now strictly a water drinker (with a glass of milk here and then).  Well... and coffee.  I just cannot give up caffeine all the way...  No more Diet Coke.  
  • I've been making better choices.  Instead of those yummy foods above, I have been making healthier choices.  I've incorporated more veggies and salads into our meals, and really have not felt like I've been missing anything.  This is because I'm not eliminating the yumminess of certain foods.  If I want something, I'm going to have it one way or another.  This leads me to my next point...
  • I'm allowing myself to have what I want - either just in moderation or the healthier option available.  In the past, when I've gone on diets, I decided that I could not have anything that tasted delicious.  This would constitute failing.  Um - in my very best Chandler impersonation:  "Could I be setting myself up for failure any more?"  It's just not realistic, and I think this is why I took such offense to the Facebook status.  For example, if I went to the store and bought vegetables only - I would FIND A WAY to get something more tasty - via McDonald's stop or whatever it be.  Wouldn't it be better for me if I were to buy something semi-healthy but still tasty (like Kashi cookies) and have one of those every now and then instead of limiting myself to rabbit food and then falling off the wagon with fries or a huge chocolate bar?  Duh!
  • Remember my issue with "skinny"?  I hate that word.  It just looks and sounds so ugly.  I don't want to be skinny.  I need to stop striving for skinny.  I want to be fit.  I want to feel good.  I want to be healthy.  Skinny does not evoke those feelings for me.  Skinny has only negative connotations to me.  Skinny, you suck. 
So...  that's what I've got so far!  My pants are fitting a little more nicely this week than they were last week.  Yay!  AND (this is perhaps the biggest sign of commitment for me) I'm continuing to let Jillian kick my butt and making smarter choices with my food even though it's that horrible time of the month.  For that, I am proud.  :)

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