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There’s nothing better for making lasting family memories than enjoying an exciting and adventurous…

Dealing With A Negligent Birthing Experience And The PTSD That Can Come With It


It’s estimated that 9% of women experience postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following childbirth due to a real or perceived trauma. Unfortunately, this…

How To Improve Your Sanity During the Covid Crisis

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Skip the "Mom-Van." Why You Should Get a Sedan Instead


You get your first positive pregnancy test and excitement fills your body. Immediately, visions of cuddly newborns, excited toddlers at Christmas and graduating seniors fills your mind. Parenthood is an exciting piece of life. However, the big question is, what are you going to drive to transport your little angels? The obvious choice is the mom van. It seems like a mom “right of passage” to purchase a drive a minivan, however, is it really something that has to be done? Most dads dread the day a minivan parks in their driveway. All moms to be and moms should consider a sedan rather than the stereotypical mom vans.

They’re Inexpensive!

There are a lot of expensive things that come along with children. The monthly diaper bill, doctor visits, and even just the formula to feed the baby all add up! Don’t let a costly car payment add onto the pile. Sedans offer a much cheaper alternative to the minivan. You can purchase a new or only a few years old sedan for 10 to 20 thousand. Which pales in comparison to the quality of mini van that you could get for the same price.

They are Sporty

The biggest complaint from dads of mothers with mom vans is that mom vans are goofy looking. There is even a whole song about how uncool minivans look! Sedans come in many different options including some spacious and sporty options such as the newer models of Ford Tauruses. They also have a good amount of spunk to their motor so you don’t feel like you're driving around in a brick. There are many different models of sedans, some sportier than others so you just have to choose the look that you like!

They are Spacious with Lots of Bells and Whistles

You will be pleased to find that sedans are actually pretty spacious for being small cars and actually offer tons of bells and whistles including navigation, bluetooth phone control and amazon Alexa depending on which sedan you choose. Although Sedans cannot hold as many people as a mini van, the Sedans can hold more in the trunk than a minivan can at full capacity. You can also choose a sedan that is front wheel drive, front wheel drive cars do significantly better in snow and slick conditions than a minivan does. This is because the back of a minivan can be light, making it not stick down to the road as well. Sedans are smaller stature and closer to the ground avoiding this problem!

The Nissan Altima

Nissan offers a variety of new sedans to the market. The Nissan Altima is the top pick for mom sedans. It is sporty looking, front wheel drive and inexpensive. The average price of a new Altima is approximately 15000 dollars. It is midsized, so it has plenty of space for people inside the cab as well as plenty of space inside the trunk for storage. It is highway 32 miles per gallon rated and 27 in town fuel miles per gallon, making it a great gas getter for back and forth to school runs.


In the end, don’t get caught up in the haze that you must get a mom mini van just because you are now a mom. There are many other, sportier, nicer and cheaper options. Consider looking at the Nissan Altima for a sporty option that has lots of bells and whistles for all your needs and wants. At the end of the day, what you want is a safe place for your little bundles of joy to grow up riding in. Drop the idea of a mom van and consider a mom sedan!

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