Sleep is a physiological state, it is vitally important for the normal functioning of humans’ organisms. People, who sleep the same number of hours at night, live longer than those whose duration of sleep always changes. Capacity for work, well-being and health depend on proper sleep organization.

We spend an average of 25 years of our lives in sleep. Quite a few, right? It’s not only interesting but also important to know how to sleep properly and how to get the maximum benefits from this process.

When go to bed

Optimal bedtime is no later than 12 a.m.  A body produces large amounts of melatonin (the hormone that is responsible for deep and restful sleep) from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. After such sleep a person feels rested, refreshed and ready for new discoveries in the world. In addition, melatonin normalizes blood pressure, slows the aging processes, improves the immune system, has an antitumor effect, improves the work of brain cells and enhances sexual activity.

The brain learns the information collected during the day when you sleep. The human body cures disease and depression in the dream state. The organism accumulates power for a new day due to slowing the metabolism.

Not getting enough sleep consequences

  1. High blood pressure that leads to cerebral stroke in 25-30 years.
  2. Headaches.
  3. Frequent infections due to decreased immunity.
  4. Impotence. Testosterone is reduced by 30% (stomach starts to grow,  there is a risk of inflammation of the prostate gland);
  5. Obesity (a body trying to make up the lack of energy by excess calories)
  6. The rapid aging of the body (gray hair, wrinkles appear on the face).
  7. Deteriorating of memory, appearance of absent-mindedness.

In order to avoid these consequences you should:

  • go to bed and get up at the same time. You have to plan your sleeping routine. Otherwise your biorhythm will be upset;
  • the average sleep period should be 7-8 hours. However, healthy sleep is uninterrupted sleep. It is more useful to sleep 6 hours without breaks than 8 hours with awakenings;
  • take relaxing treatments before going to bed;
  • keep off day sleeps. It can lead to problems with falling asleep at night;
  • avoid smoking, drinking coffee or alcohol before bedtime.

It is also necessary to say that life sometimes puts us in situations in which a person is forced to sleep a little. Typically, such periods do not last long. After that it is vital important to restore the physical and emotional forces. In such cases, as well as during diseases a long sleep is a medicine.

 About the Author:

Stacy Green is creative writer and blogger. Currently she takes paert-time job at dissertation writing services. As happy mother and wife, she prefers blogging about family relationship, travelling, dietology and health.


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