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So about 2 weeks or so ago, Andrew and i decided that it was time to
start training Aidan to sleep in his cot, as he is too long and wriggly
now to stay in the bed with us...

So this was how bedtime in the Bevan household happened, mommy and Aidan went to bed and Aidan would
have his last feed and fall asleep, then later in the evening daddy
would come to bed however by this time Aidan has almost successfully
pushed mom out the bed and has laid claim to pretty much every inch of
our queen size bed , mom and dad ended up practically sleeping on the
seams of the bed whilst the smallest body of the lot, stretched out
,proud as a peacock with this feat that he managed to pull off once
again! Now this was getting out of hand so we decided that it was time
to train him to go down in his cot, we decide to put his camp cot into
our room(so that he still has the same sights,sounds and can still smell
his mom and dad's presence (nooo, I'm not talking about fart smells!)
Anyway night 1 was a complete disaster he nearly screamed the whole complex
down when we tried to transfer this presumably sleeping baby into the
cot...well that didn't work... anyway we waited a couple of days before
we tried again, but this time mommy pulled out her DIY skills that she
tends to hide, and totally disassembled Aidan's proper cot moved it
through to her room and reassembled it next to her side of the bed,(now i
didn't think that this would work either as he hates this cot just as
much as the camp cot!)
Well that night we tried again expecting another sleepless night and after his feed next to mom, we rolled over
and went into our cot! now the only time he comes into our bed is just
before his bedtime to have his feed then again when (still sleeping - i
might add) he climbs back in bed at round about 3-4am for his morning
feed then low and behold he goes back into the cot after that...

Now this makes mommy so proud when she puts him there and he is content but
last night he decided, "well OK I'm full of milk i think I'll just
crawl into my cot on my own thank you very much!" that almost made my
heart break because it made me feel like he didn't need my help anymore,
he could now do it himself...
well anyway the point is, now all three of us have a decent chunk of bed to ourselves...

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