There is this little thing called sleep that seems to constantly elude
me. It all started around three and a half years ago when my first
daughter was born and late one night I wondered "how do women do this
with more than one kid?" Two kids later I have somehow survived but I'm
TIRED! When I look in the mirror (which I try not to do) I notice my
eyes seem to bulge out of my head as in some desperate attempt to stay
open, it's not a pretty picture.

Living in Nicaragua has presented it's own sleep issues with roosters,
barking dogs and even the gecko's are loud. These little lizards may
seem cute enough when they are selling car insurance on TV however in
reality they could care less about insurance and prefer to eat bugs and
make a loud chirping/clucking noises at all hours of the night.
Power outages are common and always cause a fiasco because your dead
asleep and suddenly the fan turns off and you start to sweat. So we
start fumbling for flashlights, dragging out extension cords and start
up the generator which is real annoying to do at 3:00 a.m.
My least favorite noise to be awakened by is mortars, Nicaraguan's love
to celebrate anything and everything by setting off mortars which sound
somewhere in between an explosion and fireworks. We use them in the
states for Civil War reenactments so as you can imagine they are loud.
They are usually set off at night and then again in the
morning...early...around five a.m.

The few times the world around me decides to be quite I have Payden, Sydnie and Ashlyn who make sure I do not sleep past 5:30.
Ashlyn is really good and only wakes me up when she has gone poop and
needs me to help her wipe. But honestly who wakes up at 5:30 and poops?!
It drives me crazy.
Sydnie is loud and has serious issues staying in her room and playing
quietly until I come get her. She prefers to knock on my door or yell
"mommy!" until I come rescue her.
Payden is seven months and is just now sleeping through the night. This
is the third time I have declared her "sleeping through the night" only
to somehow be tricked back into feeding her. She is so stinking cute I
have a hard time ignoring her crying. Just take a look at my header
picture...could you really resist that? She's adorable.

A few days ago my husband and a friend were talking about how they were
going to sleep in to catch up on some sleep. My husband turned to me and
said "Does it make you angry that we can just sleep in?" Well, yes it
does! Thank you for asking.

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