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I my opinion, and I know a lot of you are agree, slugs are gross! They make me nauseous! Lately we keep finding slugs around the house. Last week, early one day, we saw a slimy trail of sliminess in our living room. We couldn’t find that darn slug! We looked under the couch, inside the boys’s toy box, aka playpen, we looked everywhere!! Later that night, or more like early morning the next day, I come downstairs to let Scratch out and BAM! I step on that darn thing! I almost scream in panic while throwing up (great multitasking skills, huh?) both at the same time! But boys were sleeping so I ran to the kitchen trying not to puke and took my socks off (oh yeah, thankfully I was wearing my socks so I did not had skin contact with that thing). Thinking about it still makes my skin crawl and grosses me out in so many levels!


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