Smells like Tween spirit: 8 1/2 hygiene topics to have with your tween

You know that newborn baby scent?

Yeah, that scent that lives under those rolls of fat under their necks.

If you're the mom of a baby, savor that smell because it eventually leaves their body. And leaves you reaching for the FeBreeze.

Moms of tweens, you already know what I am talking about.


It's not to late to help our tweens get a handle on what's taking place in their bodies. Tween Girl is 9 and I started prepping her about her body changes a few years ago. It's important for tweens to understand the stages they will go through on the road to adulthood. It didn't take much to prep College Kid, boys are different. Girls, on the other hand, have a whole other beast to deal with. Yeah, you know what I am talking about. But even before Aunt Flo comes to visit, tween girls need to know how to prepare for their auntie.

So, when should you start prepping? This depends on your tween girl. Puberty starts at different ages in girls, especially given the many hormones that are found in our foods. Some girls start sprouting breast buds as early as 7!

Once you gauge the right time to start prepping, here are some topics to add to your prep kit:

Bathe daily with soap. Sounds simple but remember their minds can be simple one minute and highly complex the next. If your tween is anything like mine, she/he may want an explanation as to why this is necessary. Before you strangle Explain to them that bathing with soap removes dirt and grime and fights off odors. Oh and go ahead and add that layering on an extra dose of body spray or perfume without bathing will only make matters worse.

Change clothes into clean clothes. Again, simple, go back and read above about how simple/complex their minds are. Stress to them about making sure to put dirty clothes in the laundry room. Or better yet, go ahead and wash/dry them! Even if your tween takes a bath, they negate a bath's purpose by putting on dirty clothes.

Brush teeth and floss. Please, please, I beg you to stress this one. No one likes seeing at a golden, tartar glare coming from someone's mouth! Tweens should continue to have regular dentist appointments and a dental hygiene routine at home. As they grow. tweens will be present in front of people and will need to flash a winning, white smile.

Use deodorant. Ok, please, please, I beg you to stress this one, too (ok, go ahead and stress them all). Even after bathing, underarm odors still seep through. Let your tween pick out the flavor, oops, fragrance they want to use.

Now, if you're really feeling gung-ho, dig deeper into your tool kit and discuss the following:

Prequel to the menstrual cycle. Girls may start to notice a white looking mucous in their underwear. Explain that this is normal as long as it's not itchy. Let her know to not spray/use any type of perfume or body spray near her vagina. BONUS: To get her excited (yeah, which woman was ever excited to start her menstrual cycle!), there are these things called "Period Packs" that contain pads, a guide explaining the menstrual cycle, even some chocolates! Don't believe me? Here, let Pinterest prove it to you.

Drink more water than sodas. This will help to reduce the potential for acne. Yeah, I know, tweens love their sugary drinks. I am not saying stop completely, well, yeah I am, but I know that won't happen. Just cut down on drinking too many sodas.

Not sharing personal items with others. Stress to her that germs can easily transfer back and forth.

Body hair. Ok, now parents, you have got to really help with this one. Body hair grows...well...on your body. In all spaces of your body. So, yes, that means that you may to have trim/shave your tween in certain areas. Let your tween drive this conversation, with you giving suggestions or what you did at their age pertaining to body hair. There is nothing wrong with sporting body hair but some are not comfortable with it. Help your tween determine how they would like to handle this.

Honorable mention:

Sweat is not a bad thing. This is a method our bodies use to flush out toxins. 

Ultimately, the goal is to create an environment where tween girls feel comfortable talking about their bodies with you. Trust me, there will be times when you don't know the answers or you may not even want to answer the question! But, tweens want to hear from us, even if they act like they don't.

Need more, check out's section on the health and fitness of tweens.

For more tween and moms of tweens topics, visit unRehearsed.

Did your parents talk to you about puberty when you were a tween?

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